If you have been following Salesforce since Dreamforce ’15 – as we have – then we’ve both caught a bolt of lightning; Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce began introducing Lightning with Salesforce1, the mobile app introduced at #DF14.

The Lightning Design System is also behind the new Lightning Experience in Salesforce and will be used by partners, such as FastCall, to create visualforce pages in our app.

The Salesforce User Experience team has been working hard to bring Enterprise UX into the 21st century and has asked FastCall to leverage Lightning Design in our updated application.

FastCall is excited about the the Lightning Experience embracing our core design principles.

  • Clarity
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Beauty

To start, we are moving the navigation to the left; the sections will be familiar to you. One really nice update is the user panel. Here we are improving your ability to manage Salesforce permission sets, the call center file and your application licensing. Steps that were managed on the Salesforce user record, will be managed on this user panel.

Another big improvement will be the phone number page. We are consolidated provisioned phone numbers and verified phone numbers into this streamlined page.

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