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Unit – Updating Fastcall

This unit will show you how to check your Fastcall version number, review any changes, and update the package from the Salesforce App Exchange.


Fastcall is under continuous development and we release incremental upgrades frequently. However, we recognize it’s important for Salesforce administrators to be in control of their orgs, so we offer ways for administrators to control the upgrade process.


upgrades settings

Upgrades are controlled through Fastcall Settings > Fastcall Subscription, on the ‘Upgrades’ tab.

Here Administrators can:

  • Check the version number of your Fastcall package.
  • Toggle whether or not you wish your Fastcall org to be automatically upgraded to new versions. Note that this setting notifies us of your upgrade preferences, but does not prevent us from pushing an upgrade if it is urgently required (for example, for security reasons).
  • Go to the App Exchange to trigger a package update.
  • Visit the Changelog section of our website. This is Fastcall’s release history & changelog, listing current and previous releases, including new features, improvements, and bug fixes for the different components of the Fastcall application suite.

Last updated: Fastcall v8.0.0, 2023-03-30

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