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Shaken/Stir Phone Registration Requirements (USA)

Rich Rosen, Fastcall CEO, recently wrote a Forbes article about steps you can take to manage the phone number used by your company.

STIR/SHAKEN is a new registration process introduced by the FCC to prevent spam phone calls and verify caller ID. Caller ID can be faked or “spoofed,” allowing spam callers to have the call appear as a legitimate caller.

With STIR/SHAKEN, the caller ID is examined on the outbound call, and the phone provider attaches an encrypted certificate with an identity and trust value. The phone provider on the receiving end of the call then checks the authenticity of the call.

STIR/SHAKEN is an ongoing process with the FCC, which has required registration for many voice providers as of June 2021. As a business, you can work with your phone provider to ensure your calls are STIR-registered and the caller ID name (CNAM) is accurately updated.

Free Caller Registry

Free Caller Registry is a free website for businesses to submit their registration details to phone carriers. In my experience, it is easy and takes only a few minutes. Three industry players—First Orion, Hiya and Transaction Network Services—formed a partnership to provide the service. By submitting your company details and some data about your company’s outbound phone calls, you acknowledge that the numbers are not being used to make calls that violate consumer protection laws or other applicable laws or regulations.

STIR/SHAKEN, or SHAKEN/STIR, is a suite of protocols and procedures intended to combat caller ID spoofing on public telephone networks. Caller ID spoofing is used by robocallers to mask their identity or to make it appear the call is from a legitimate source.

Fastcall will help manage this process for you.

  • Legal Business Name
  • Physical Address
  • Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation /Co-Operative/LLC/Non-Profit)
  • Company Type (Private/Public)
  • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)
  • Business Registration Number/Tax EIN and Type (DUNS or Business License)
  • Industry
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Social Media Profile URL (LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook)
  • Regions of Operations (USA, etc.)

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