This unit explains how Twilio handles calls to phone numbers outside the US and Canada, and how to best record phone numbers.

Twilio and international dialling

By default, Twilio restricts your ability to call numbers outside the US and Canada. This is because it is easy to commit toll fraud by registering premium rate numbers and having people dial them. In order to control this, Twilio allows you to set very fine-grained controls over which numbers your Twilio account can dial. You can control this via your Twilio dashboard, for more information please read Twilio’s documentation on the subject.

Fastcall and international numbers

You’ll find it easier to always record phone numbers in Salesforce with the correct international dialling prefix, as this will make the behaviour of all phone applications more predictable.

Fastcall will handle all phone numbers as follows:

  1. If the phone number begins with a ‘+’, it will be dialled as-is; OR
  2. If the phone number does not being with a ‘+’:
    1. If the phone number begins with a ‘0’, the 0 will be stripped; AND
    2. The default country code set in Salesforce for the org or user will be prepended to the phone number

Examples with default country code set to +1

Phone number in SalesforcePhone number dialled by Fastcall
+1 202 762 1401+1 202 762 1401
202 762 1401+1 202 762 1401
0202 762 1401+1 202 762 1401
+49 40 42 89 90+49 40 42 89 90
49 40 42 89 90+1 49 40 42 89 90

Last updated: Fastcall version 6.0.2, 2019-01-03