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Unit – Listen In

This unit covers the ‘Listen in’ functionality of Fastcall. This is additional functionality which is not enabled by default, your administrator will need to set this up for you.


Listen in allows all Fastcall Users with access to the Fastcall Control Panel to join in-progress calls, either as a participant or just to listen in. There is also functionality under work to allow Users to join and be able to speak to the other user on the call, but not the contact being called – this might be useful if you’re giving an agent coaching.

All Fastcall Users can listen in to all calls made using three-way conference calling when this feature is enabled. This means that only the User being listened in to has to be enabled for three-way conference calling.

Fastcall Control Panel

Screenshot of the active calls tab in the Fastcall control panel

Listen in can be activated from the Fastcall Control Panel. When you click on a call, the details pane will display as usual. For an in-progress call, the listen in button will be displayed at the bottom of this page. When you click on the button you will be prompted to choose a device to listen in with (this cannot be the softphone as at 2019-01-15) and whether you wish to join the call muted.

Screenshot of the "Listen in" panel in the Fastcall control panel

When you press ‘Start Listen In’ you will be added to the call.

Screenshot of listening to a call in the Listening panel in the Fastcall control panel

Last updated: Fastcall v8.2.0, 2023-07-18

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