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Unit – Devices

In this unit you will learn:

  • What a device is, in more detail
  • How to review, add and remove devices from your Fastcall profile.

Devices in more detail

A device is used to make outbound and receive inbound calls using Fastcall. It’s distinct from caller ID, so you can use a device like your personal mobile phone without showing the telephone number to the customer.

You can set up multiple devices in Fastcall and choose which ones to use – you might have your desk phone, your personal mobile, etc. Check this page for more info on SIP phones.

Outbound example

See the training unit on making outbound calls for an example of this in action.
Here’s how it works for an outbound call:

  1. You use Fastcall to call a Lead, specifying your personal mobile as the device and the company switchboard number as the caller ID
  2. Fastcall rings your mobile.
  3. When you pick up, Fastcall rings the Lead, displaying the company switchboard number as the caller ID
  4. You speak to the customer over your mobile phone, it’s recorded in Fastcall with a task record as usual.

Device settings

Devices are controlled from the settings menu, under My Settings > Devices.

Devices Setting

Default devices

Two devices, your Office Phone, and Mobile Phone will be imported from your Salesforce profile automatically.

Another device, the Softphone, will be present under ‘Other Devices’. The softphone is a software phone on your computer, which uses your computer’s microphone and speakers (preferably with a headset!).

Additional devices

You can then add more devices using the ‘plus’ icon. You need to specify the ‘Label’, ‘Number’ and ‘Device Type’ (Mobile, Office or SIP). If you choose a SIP phone, you also need to provide the username and password for connecting to the phone.

You do not need to verify a device with Fastcall since the device is not used as caller ID.

You can delete the device by clicking on the ‘x’ icon on the right of the device. You cannot delete the default devices.

Using devices

Once you’ve added a device, it will be available in the Widget so you can pick it for making an outbound call. It will also be available for use in inbound routing.

Your administrator can restrict the devices available to you in the Widget

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.0.0, 2023-03-15

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