This unit will take you through connecting your Fastcall app to your own Twilio account.

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Setup module.


When you install Fastcall during your free 7-day trial in a paid Salesforce org we’ll set you up with a connection to our Twilio account and a small amount of credit so you can test Fastcall easily. When you’ve completed the trial and want to use Fastcall for real, you’ll connect to your own account with Twilio.
(When testing in a sbox or dev org you will connect to your own Twilio account.)

1. Open the ‘Connect with Twilio’ settings tab

In the Fastcall settings menu, go to Admin Settings > VOIP Settings > Connect With Twilio.

2. Click the ‘Change Account’ button

3. Create a new Twilio account

You are actually creating two Twilio accounts; the parent account which holds your billing info and a connected subaccount authorized by you to allow Fastcall access. The connection is secure with Oauth. After the connected you will see both Twilio SIDs.

Creating a Twilio account from within Fastcall

4. Twilio is managed entirely in Fastcall (mostly)

Phones are provisioned in Fastcall; numbers verified. All your call reports will be in Salesforce. There are a few advanced settings you may need to edit in Twilio directly, for example, international dialing rights.

5. Phones in your Twilio account

You do not want to provision phones in the trial Twilio account provided for testing. These phones are not easily ported to the Twilio account created by you above. If you wish to provision phones during your free trial, you will want to go ahead and connect to your own Twilio account.

Using an existing Twilio account

If you log in to an existing Twilio instead of creating a new account in Step 3, this account will be used by Fastcall. A connected subaccount is created and again you will see both account SIDs.

Last updated: Fastcall version 6.0.2, 2018-12-26