This unit will take you through connecting your Fastcall app to Twilio.

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Setup module. It also assumes that you have an account with Twilio already, but if you don’t you can set one up in step ‘4’ below.

1. Log in to Twilio

Log in to the Twilio dashboard at

2. Create a subaccount in Twilio for Fastcall

In the Twilio dashboard, navigate to Settings > Subaccounts.
Click the plus icon and create a new subaccount for Fastcall to use.
Copy the SID of the subaccount.

3. Put this information into Fastcall

Return to Salesforce and open the Fastcall settings via the App launcher
Navigate to Admin Settings > VoIP Settings > Connect with Twilio
Press ‘Connect’ – this should use your existing browser session to authenticate with Twilio and import details automatically

4. Check the SIDs

Double check that the SIDs for the Parent Account and the Connected Account are the same as for your main Twilio account and for the Fastcall subaccount. You can click ‘Change account’ to log in to a different Twilio account or create a new one if you haven’t already done so.


Last updated: Fastcall version 5.8.4, 2018-11-28