This unit will take you through assigning your first phone number in Fastcall.

This unit assumes you have completed the preceeding units in the Fastcall Setup Module.


Your Fastcall trial account will come with an initial US phone number ready for use. Once you’ve set up your site you can assign this phone number to a user. However, your first Fastcall user may need to be ‘fixed’ first.

1. Open the ‘Users’ tab in the Fastcall Settings

2. Click on the User you wish to assign the phone number to

3. Press ‘fix user config’

This will use your org’s site to communicate with Twilio and finalise the user setup.

If you’re using a Sandbox environment, this may not work. If you see the error ‘Fastcall could not assign call center to user.’, you will need to assign the user to the ‘Fastcall360’ Call Center using the ‘Call Center’ tab of the main Salesforce org settings

4. Open the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab in the Fastcall Settings

5. Click on the phone number

6. Assign the phone number to the User in the ‘Caller ID Settings’

You can now continue with the remaining units in the Fastcall Setup module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 6.0.2, 2018-12-26