This setup guide contains one training module, and is aimed at Salesforce organisation administrators setting up Fastcall in their org:

  • Fastcall Setup – This module will take you through setting up Fastcall for the first time.

When setting up Fastcall you’ll probably want to go through the following high-level checklist. You can search for more information on these items in these training resources:

Testing Fastcall

  1. According to the documentation on, Fastcall meets my requirements
  2. I used the Fastcall ‘test drive’ to test make a call, recieve a call, and logging call details with my key users
  3. I setup the Fastcall trial on a dev, sandbox (or production) org according to the setup guide and tested making a call, receiving a call and logging call details with my key users

Finalising Fastcall install

  1. I have go-ahead from my key users and decision makers to use Fastcall.
  2. I have a means of paying for Fastcall (credit card with sufficient balance)
  3. I have bought sufficient Fastcall licenses for my users
  4. I have set up my own Twilio account
  5. I have decided whether I want to use Call Records or Task Records for recording call details, and configured the Contact, Account and Lead page layouts accordingly

Provisioning users

  1. I have allocated Fastcall licenses to my users
  2. I have provisioned and verified phone numbers for my users, and done any other necessary configuration (voicemails, ACD groups, etc)
  3. I have established a process for users to report problems, request configuration changes and similar
  4. I have given my users training in how to use Fastcall. This training was specific to their jobs.