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Unit – Logging – Application Interface

This unit will take you through the controls provided by Fastcall to adjust the layout of the application (widget). You will learn how to log calls to Salesforce Cases and Opportunities. The settings can be found under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Logging > Widget Interface.

Screenshot of the Fastcall "Widget Interface" setting

Standard features – Salesforce Subject and notes

  • Task Subject – this controls whether your users can edit the subject of the call Task. You can remove the subject text box.
  • Call Notes – this controls whether your users will write notes about a call in the Widget. If unchecked, we remove the text box.

Additional features – log calls to Salesforce Cases and Opportunities

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the training units in the Setting Up Logging module on the Fastcall data model and how Fastcall links Calls to Salesforce Objects before turning these features on.

  • Display Opportunities in Widget – This is available when calling Accounts or Contacts. Salesforce Leads do not have a lookup to Opportunities.
  • Display Cases on Widget – same no Cases on Leads.
  • Multiple Contacts – this controls whether you can associate multiple Contacts with the Task record. You must have Salesforce Shared Activities enabled, and this will not affect Call records. With shared activities, users can relate up to 50 contacts (but only 1 lead) to a task.

Log calls to open Opportunities

Fastcall will list open Opportunities under Assign Records menu. When users select the open Opportunity Fastcall will create the lookup relationship. The lookup relationships will be found on the Salesforce Task and the custom object for Calls. See this page for more info on the Fastcall data model.

Screenshot of displaying the list of open opportunities in the Assign records menu

Log calls to Salesforce Cases

Fastcall will list cases related to the Account or Contact. Users can search for related cases.

Screenshot of displaying the list of cases in the Assign records menu

Last updated: Fastcall v8.0.0, 2023-03-24

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