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Unit – The “Phone Numbers” Settings Tab

In this unit, you will learn about the “Phone Numbers” settings tab.

Where to find the “Phone Numbers” settings tab

Phone numbers are controlled under Settings > Admin Settings > Phone Numbers > Manage Phone Numbers.


The tab has a table that shows:

  • The name of the phone number
  • The phone number
  • The type of the phone number (either ‘Provisioned’ or ‘Verified’)
  • Caller ID assignment (users or groups) used on outbound calls
  • Inbound call routing (users or groups)

You can filter and search this table, and click on any phone number to edit its properties.

Manage Phone Numbers


Above the table, you have controls to verify or provision new phone numbers and to change the sort order of listed caller IDs in the Fastcall application.

Verifying and provisioning phone numbers are covered in their own training units

Caller IDs Layout

This control allows you to quickly review and control which phone numbers are available as caller ID across your Salesforce org. Just drag and drop the phone numbers from one column to the other. You may provision a phone for inbound calls and not want it to be listed as a caller ID. There are a few ways to make a phone available for caller ID. This table is used to set the order when there is a long list of phones.

Caller IDs Layout

Last updated: Fastcall version 7.7.2, 2022-10-31

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