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Unit – Importing Phone Numbers

In this unit, you will learn how to import existing phone numbers from Twilio to Fastcall.

To import your existing phone numbers in Twilio click on VoIP Settings > Import VoIP Phone Numbers. Phones must be in the connected Twilio account as described in the Twilio setup section.

These steps are only required if porting (transferring) existing phones to Twilio.

Click “Start importing VoIP numbers” and then sync the numbers

Numbers Synchronization

Porting Numbers to Twilio

Fastcall will help you port existing phone numbers to Twilio. It is important that you first check with your current carrier to confirm these numbers can be ported. Fastcall will instruct Twilio to put these numbers in your subaccount.

Fastcall will follow the steps outlined by Twilio here and we will submit the required documents to Twilio on your behalf. Twilio requires a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and a copy of your most recent Customer Service Record.

NOTE: the process for porting numbers does vary around the world. Twilio outlines the differences here.

Before the port completes, but after the request is submitted the phones will appear in your subaccount. The phones can be imported (synced) to Fastcall. The phones will not route calls until the port completes but you should sync them at this point. You will set up these phones with your desired routed – or just set them to voicemail. Once the port completes the numbers will be set and ready to route calls. If this is not completed when the port happens calls will fail until the phones are set up to route calls in Fastcall.

Last updated: 2020-11-03, Fastcall version 6.88

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