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Unit – Fastcall in Salesforce Mobile

This unit covers the admin functionality to enable Fastcall in the Salesforce Mobile app. By the end of it, you’ll be able to call and send SMS messages using Fastcall in Salesforce Mobile. Your Fastcall account may need to be upgraded to use SMS capability. End-user training for SMS is found here.

First, users should install the Salesforce Mobile app

Fastcall Quick Action enables outbound calls in Salesforce Mobile

Fastcall has a Lightning Action named “Fastcall” that can be added to your page layout in Salesforce mobile.

Object Manager -> Actions

Salesforce Action is added to the page layout to enable calls
lead setup

Fastcall Lightning Action in Salesforce Mobile

The Quick Action Button should look like this.

Fastcall in Salesforce Mobile

Note: The user must dial with the Fastcall custom button. The phone number can be removed from the page layout to restrict the user to call only through the Fastcall button. If the phone number is left on the page layout, the user can still dial with her mobile phone.

User Experience Calling with Fastcall in Salesforce Mobile

Clicking the custom button takes the user to a screen that looks like this. The device is the user’s mobile phone set in Fastcall. The caller ID is set in Fastcall.  

Caller ID is set in Fastcall

Call starts…

Fastcall rings the user on her mobile phone first.

Phone Ringing
Phone ringing

The user sees this as an inbound call from the caller ID set in Fastcall.

Back in the User’s Mobile, the call shows as connected as an inbound call

Call connected

The call ends and the user can view the logged call. Add notes, etc.

The call ends and the user can view the logged call

The Task in Salesforce

The call is logged with call duration. Call recording is optional.

The call is logged with the call duration. Call recording is optional.

Caller ID and device in Fastcall settings

Fastcall caller ID and the click-to-call device

Fastcall caller ID and the click-to-call device can be set in Salesforce Mobile or the desktop.

Salesforce Mobile notifications alert users to inbound calls to a user’s mobile phone

A mobile phone can be added as a device and used for inbound calls.

Mobile Phone Set as Call Receiver

Fastcall does not control the mobile device. We can ring the mobile, but cannot control if the call is answered. We can also not control the voicemail on the mobile. If the call is sent to the mobile and the mobile voicemail answers, the voicemail will not be in Fastcall. Fastcall has an advanced ACD setting that requires a user to “press 1” to accept a call to her mobile phone. This setting is designed to avoid a user’s mobile phone voicemail.

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