Connecting Twilio to Fastcall in Salesforce

Connecting Twilio to Fastcall in Salesforce

Connecting Twilio in Fastcall improves your Salesforce experience
Fastcall is a fantastic add-on to Salesforce in an area where many users find Salesforce weak – many clicks needed for accurate call logging. Fastcall is awesome at logging / scoring / managing your calls; saving hours each month. In this post we explain how to connect Twilio to Fastcall in Salesforce.

Fastcall easily creates Salesforce Tasks with call duration, call result, notes, call type and more. Our Call Score captures call counts, total and average call duration; days since first and last call and more.

Great phone sales reporting data working along with your existing phone as an add-on to log and score calls.

We know you will love how we log calls! So we give the option to connect Twilio to Fastcall to dial your outbound calls, route your inbound calls; send and receive SMS.

Note: In order to dial and control your phone calls, you will connect Twilio to Fastcall. Twilio is a web service used by Fastcall to enable dialing, phone call control and SMS. Connecting Twilio allows you to dial either with your existing phone (click-to-call); or using our softphone to call using only your browser and a headset. Twilio is also required for answering and routing inbound calls.
After connecting Twilio to Fastcall, you can records calls, control caller ID, drop voicemails, etc. Example: make calls using your office phone and show your mobile number as caller ID. Or vice versa. Your Twilio settings are managed entirely in Fastcall.
If you do not already have a Twilio account, you create one during setup. Twilio is 100% usage-based; charging for voice minutes, phone numbers, SMS and other usage. Twilio provides telephone service in many markets around the world and is very competitive. A complete list of countries served, along with pricing can be found on

Pricing options when connecting Twilio to Fastcall in Salesforce

  • With Click-to-call Fastcall dials the user first on your existing phone, then the SFDC record. The Fastcall dialer is $300 / user per year or $30 monthly. The per minute rate is $.0215 billed directly by Twilio.
  • With our softphone / SIP option your users are on a headset and their computers to make calls; or using a SIP phone. Our softphone is most often a great alternative to using a mobile phone for sales calls; and is great for new offices, overseas offices or remote users. The per minute rate is lower using the softphone ($.017), the Fastcall dialer is $300 / user billed annually, $30 monthly.
  • Fastcall offers a call logger used without Twilio. Easy to set up, our call logger is a great place to start with our app. This “no dial” mode will log and score your calls, but not dial. The call logger is $100 / user billed annually (used without Twilio.) The call logger is a great place to start with Fastcall.

Salesforce also has CTI integrations. CTI works with on-premise phone systems (Cisco, Avaya, etc) Fastcall can be used along with these phone systems to log and score calls. CTI integration tends to be expensive and difficult to set-up. Fastcall is very simple to set-up with no capital expense.

You may ask if Fastcall can dial a call w/o Twilio. The answer is no. Twilio does have an option to route calls to your SIP phones, but Twilio is still required in the Fastcall application to dial outbound calls, route inbound calls; send or receive SMS.

Last, clients use Fastcall for sales productivity. The cost of Fastcall + Twilio may be $20-$80 / month based on the Fastcall features and the volume of calls / SMS. For the investment, we expect you to save 40 hours or more each month; time used generating additional thousands in revenue. We may or may not lower your phone bill, but we WILL make your team more productive by saving hours each month wasted logging calls.


Fastcall Twilio Connect

After connecting Twilio to Fastcall, an option to port phone numbers to Twilio for use in Fastcall

It is not required to provision phone numbers and use Twilio for inbound call routing. Many of our subscribers use Fastcall for outbound dialing only. You will have the option within Fastcall to provision phone numbers for inbound call routing. These inbound calls will be logged in Salesforce just as we log outbound calls. Inbound call routing is explained here. If you have existing phone numbers and you need to transfer these existing phone numbers to Twilio, we explain the steps in this post.

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