Fastcall is installed into your Salesforce account from the AppExchange. Now what?

  • You added the Fastcall call center file, Permission Sets and assigned licenses
  • Reviewed options in Fastcall Admin tab
  • Edited your page layouts for Leads, Contacts and other SFDC records you will call from
  • Added Fastcall Call Score (related list)
  • Updated your user profiles as needed (if you are an admin and users are not, you have to check the user rights)

Fastcall is awesome as a call logger, but you want to drop voicemail, control caller ID, record calls and dial?

  • Created Salesforce site
  • Gave site guest user a license (and you added one addtl Fastcall license for the site guest user)
  • Added the visualforce page to the site
  • Used the “https” site URL for the site and remembered the “/fc” at the end of the URL.
  • The site says “in maintenance” that’s OK !

You connected Twilio (and signed up for Twilio if you were not already)

  • Verified a default caller ID under Fastcall admin settings /Telecom
  • You reviewed the setup options in the Telecom tab

Setup your users

  • You assigned the FC license to the user
  • Gave rights to the profile
  • Users verified a personal caller ID
  • Recorded a voicemail drop