Phones used for outbound dialing

Fastcall can be used with any existing office phone to place outbound calls: a hard phone, mobile, SIP, or our softphone. This page talks about hard phones used for outbound calls.


Phones for outbound calls are selected as a calling device under settings in the Fastcall widget – gear icon, upper right. Calling devices include your office phone, mobile, conference room, a SIP phone, etc. There is also a “no dial” option which we named call logger. The phones available to end users are set by the Fastcall admin. For example, If you do not want your user to see the softphone, you can remove it under outbound calls/widget settings.

Users can switch outbound calling devices as needed. One use case is conference rooms where each conf room phone can be listed as a calling device.

Fastcall phone and the caller ID menus are found in settings (gear icon) and can be edited as needed using the drop-down menus.

The default view in the widget shows recent calls and there is also a tab for dial pad.

The selected phone and Caller ID are shown in the text below recent calls.

  • Call Logger: logs and scores calls but does not dial. Used for testing or when users want to log a call but dial outside Fastcall.
  • Click to call the office: uses an existing office phone to dial the user on her direct dial phone number first, then dial the Salesforce record.
  • Click to call mobile: dials a user’s mobile phone then the Salesforce record. Fastcall does not recommend a mobile phone as the sole calling device.
  •  Click to call SIP: dials the user directly using a SIP address.
  •  Softphone: uses a high-quality headset and wired internet to complete calls in your browser. Check for important tips on the Fastcall Softphone.

TIPS: Selecting a phone for outgoing calls does not route inbound calls to that phone. Inbound call receivers must be setup separately.The dial pad tab reveals a keypad used to dial phones that may not be found on a Salesforce record. These calls will create a Salesforce task, but the task is not attached to a record.

Phones are also used to receive inbound calls; we named these “call receivers and cover this in the Inbound section.

The Fastcall call logger does not dial, just logs and scores the call. Great for testing and conference calls, but does not dial.

Users select the desired phone in the Fastcall widget. Phones (and caller ID selections) are in drop-down menus. For example, these can be multiple phones in different conference rooms.


Fastcall admins will choose which phones will be available to the end user. Once set by the admin, user Phones may be added by users under the Fastcall User Settings, or the admin can add phones for her users.

NOTE: SIP phone is a great option but must be set up by your internal IT team. This is one Fastcall feature that is not simple to setup. The softphone and SIP phone are $.01 per minute less with Twilio and tend to be faster than click-to-call. With the softphone and SIP phones, Fastcall dials the user directly. A SIP phone can be added as a user phone but only used for outbound dialing. Fastcall does not support SIP phones for inbound call routing.

Devices options are inside my settings. It’s possible to create new devices, edit and delete, giving a different type of device to each one, for example, office, SIP, and mobile.


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