Twilio data centers are located around the world so that your calls are not routed out of the region:

  • Virginia, USA
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia

However, after installing Fastcall and connecting Twilio, you have one more step if you are dialing outside the US or Canada. You will need to log into Twilio to manage your international dialing rights.

  1. Logged into Twilio directly, there’s a page called Geographic Permissions
  2. You have to add each country where your team will be calling

NOTE: This is the only step you do in Twilio directly and not inside Salesforce.

Twilio expects a country code when dialing outside the USA or Canada. A country code can be set as a default for the org, or for each user under User Settings. When a default country code is set for the org, Fastcall considers this the “home country.” If a phone number in the home country has a leading “0″ Fastcall will remove the number before dialing. Only in the home country. Outside of your home country code you will need to verify the correct format in the Salesforce phone number field as described below.

Fastcall International Phones


For example if your home country is the UK, Fastcall will strip a leading “0″ before a number. If calling France from the UK you must remove the leading 0 from the phone number field.

Fastcall International Call Widget

Fastcall Country Code in Widget



NOTE: When Fastcall finds a number that does not begin with a “+”, it will pre-pend whatever country code the user has defined under widget settings. For example, a user has 44 as her country code in Fastcall and the phone in Salesforce starts with 44, Fastcall would dial “+4444xxxxxxxxxx” which is wrong. If the user does not specify a country code for her users, then Fastcall would pre-pend the country code defined by the admin in the Settings page.

If provisioning an inbound phone number a local address is required in some countries. These requirements are explained by Twilio here. You add the address in Fastcall in the Twilio section.

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