Fastcall internal dialer allows users to call any other Salesforce users in your organization. 


Admin Settings > Call Handling > Upgrade Features


After you enable internal dialer capability under the Fastcall admin settings, you will see a new icon at the bottom right on your widget. We list three options: Fastcall users, all Salesforce user, or groups set up in Fastcall. The call starts same as an outbound call in Fastcall and is logged as an Internal call. You can add notes, edit the subject etc.

Salesforce users must have an office or mobile number on their Salesforce user record. When dialing internally to a Fastcall group, we use ACD round robin call distribution just like our inbound IVR.

Internal calls will be logged with Call Type “internal” on the Salesforce Task and will be shown on recent calls with a particular icon that will differentiate them from regular inbound/outbound calls (violet arrow).