Fastcall will show you information about your subscription under the tab “Subscription.” We give a link to MyAccount in Salesforce and a link to our release notes

Fastcall Suscription


You can also find this information in the Salesforce Setup menu under Packages.

Fastcall Manage Licenses

As a native app, your licenses are managed in Salesforce. A non-native app may do this outside Salesforce.

OK, so to update a package from the AppExchange you go to MyAccount where you find all AppExchange subscriptions. There is a link under Subscription in Fastcall.

Fastcall Install

You notice that Fastcall has options to modify your subscription; along with billing info including payment history. Fastcall is a native application that uses Salesforce to manage billing (this is called Checkout.) The LinkedIn subscription – for example – does not have these options.

When an updated package is available, you will see the option.

So what happens when you update? Salesforce will not change any of your settings. You are installing the update over the current version.


First, we always advise installing in a sandbox to test. Fastcall develops and does QA in our developer orgs. We test in a standard Salesforce org. We do not test in your org. Only you can do that. While we do not anticipate bugs or conflicts, only a sandbox install will allow you to test in your environment.

Next, we do not advise using the same Twilio account in the sbox and production.

Salesforce does not allow a roll back. If the application is updated and you need to go back, you would need to uninstall the update and reinstall the earlier package. Not a small job.

Last, Salesforce does not allow Fastcall – or any partners – to change or edit settings. If a change to your setup is required, you will do this post update. If a field is deleted from our package, we cannot remove it from your org, but you can delete it if we delete it. Otherwise, fields in managed packaged cannot be edited or deleted.