There are a few steps required to add users in Fastcall; all managed 100% inside Salesforce

If you need to purchase additional licenses you do so from the Appexchange under MyAccount.

Once you purchase the licenses in the AppExchange, adding users in Fastcall is super easy.

  1. Fastcall lists your users under our User Panel (under Admin settings.) Click the “+” to Add Users; we manage the assignment of the Fastcall application license; the Fastcall permission set and the Fastcall call center file.
  2. You can also release users from the User Panel (or do so directly on the Salesforce user record under Salesforce settings.)
  3. From the Fastcall User Panel you click on the user name to see the user’s details. The option “Change to user Profile” shows you the user’s settings as the user would see them.

Keep in mind that one license is used by the site guest user – see details below. If you have 10 users in you org, you need 11 licenses.




In the Fastcall User Panel, use the “Add Fastcall User” button. We assign the license to the user, give the user the Fastcall permission set and call center file. These steps can also be done directly on the Salesforce user record – see details below.


Licensed users are listed here. You can add more users (if license is available), or release users.

NOTE: Releasing users does not cancel the Fastcall subscription.



Once users have been given a license and rights, the last step is to customize the Fastcall application under the User Panel.

Admins will see the admin settings in Fastcall; standard users only their own user settings. Admins can view settings as the user by clicking “Change to User Profile.” Depending on your needs, either the end user will manage her own settings; or you will do so for her as the org admin.

Users have the following settings:

  1. User Settings
  2. Devices
  3. Inbound Routing
  4. Provisioned Phone Numbers
  5. Messages
  6. SMS Templates


NOTE: The user phone numbers (office, mobile) are also taken from the Salesforce User record.


A license for the Site Guest User is required by Salesforce . As a native application we adhere 100% to the Salesforce licensing model, and Salesforce requires the Site Guest User to have a license. The Site communicates with Twilio. Just as Salesforce requires a license for an API user, a license is required for the Site.

And while Salesforce uses this license, they do not show it under setup / packages. The licenses is used but not managed with user licenses. Fastcall would very much like to find a workaround for this, but there are none. Salesforce is very confusing here.

The license used by the site guest is not available to assign to a user.


One the Salesforce user record you will find an application license for Fastcall, user and/or admin permission sets and the Fastcall call center file. And while we manage these assignments for you, you can also edit these directly on the Salesforce user record.


Setup –> Manage Users –> Permission Sets –> Fastcall User