Users have a few options in the FastCall User tab.

NOTE: You should have also given your users the FastCall Permission Set and assigned users to the FastCall call center file. In order to edit FastCall User settings the Salesforce profile must have rights for “customize application” as described here. Your users may be limited to only view the FastCall User Tab – and not the Admin Tab – if you set this limitation in their Salesforce profile.

Once logged into the User tab, users can set their personal caller ID.  Steps are the same as setting the default org caller ID. Give the number a label, enter the number and extension if you need one and click “validate.” Your user will receive an automated call from Twilio asking for the validation code presented by FastCall.

Note: In the Free FastCall edition users must share the default caller ID.

Next, your users can set the personal phones used for click-to-call. With C2C FastCall calls the users first on the phone set here, then dials the phone number in the Salesforce record. Numbers set here can be the office phone, mobile, office2, conference room, etc. Skip if you are only using the softphone.

For user inbound call routing users will set the routing options for the phone number assigned by the admin. For example, inbound calls to the assigned number can ring an office phone, mobile or FastCall softphone (in the browser.)

Note: in the current release we do not have voicemail. If you need voicemail route the inbound call to a phone with voicemail.
NOTE: The admin must provision the phone number first, then assign it to the user in the admin tab. See here for more info.

On the General Settings tab users can record personal voicemails used for the FastCall voicemail drop. See this post for more details.

Last, if needed, users can set a country code. FastCall will prepend this country code to a phone number before dialing. If the phone number begins with +1 FastCall will not prepend the country code. Example, for a user in the UK with a country code of 44 used in the FastCall setting, +44 will be prepended to a local phone call. For a number formatted as +1323-555-1212, FastCall will dial the number with the USA country code. See our post on international dialing for more info.