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Fastcall Profile Settings – Permissions needed to enable Fastcall Application for Non-Admin Users

During the Fastcall application installation from the Salesforce AppExchange you are asked to choose the User Profiles that should be allowed to use the application (System Administrators, All Users, or enable/disable the app for each profile.) 

Note: If All Users, or the desired profiles is selected upon install, you must still assign Fastcall Permission Sets to your users. And in addition to the Fastcall Permission Set, you may need to give the profile “Customize Application” rights. Customize Application is required for a non-admin user to edit settings on an installed application. You can grant these rights, then remove them after your users have editing their personal settings. Customize Application is not added in the Permission Set.

The steps to add users to Fastcall are described here.

This post goes into more detail on the rights associated with the Fastcall Permission Set and also describes how to add rights directly to the user Profile.

We assume all users and the Site Guest User have been assigned a Fastcall license as described in the Install Guide.

If enabling rights on the Profile, these steps should be performed for each Profile using the Fastcall application



On the Field Permissions section of the Profile, verify that the following fields are Visible and NOT Read-Only for the particular profile:

  1. Call Duration
  2. Call From
  3. Call Notes
  4. Call Object Identifier
  5. Call Recording
  6. Call Result
  7. Call To
  8. Call Type
  10. Due Date
  11. Name
  12. Related Call ID
  13. Related To
  14. Status
  15. Subject

“Default On” or “Default Off”, but NOT “Hidden”

“Default On” or “Default Off”, but NOT “Hidden”

CALL SCORE (all editions of FastCall)
Grant Read, Create, Edit and Delete permissions for Call Score

PHONE NUMBER  (in the Sales Edition of FastCall)

  • Owner
  • Phone
  • Phone Name
  • IVR (in the Sales Edition of FastCall)
  • Audio URL
  • IVR Name
  • Owner
  • SID

ASSIGNED APPS (Custom App Settings)
Fastcall app should be visible

Add all the classes that have the Fastcall prefix (i.e., all the classes belonging to our package)

add all Fastcall pages (Settings, UserSettings and WebApplication)

API Enabled and Customize Application need to be checked.

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