Fastcall helps with training and allows for immediate feedback.  If enabled under admin settings, individual users can turn recording on and off either using the widget settings or under My settings > User settings, in the call recording section.


When on an active call – in the information section of the widget – Fastcall shows if the current call is being recorded. This recording indicator can be removed under admin settings.

On your Salesforce Task, you will find a URL with the MP3 of the recording. When you delete the Salesforce Task the call recording is not deleted. Recorded calls can be deleted from the custom object for calls as described next.

Call recording URL is also on the Fastcall custom object for calls. Recorded calls can easily be deleted with the delete recording button on the call record. The field has track history enabled so you will have a record when the call recording is deleted. You drag the history related list onto the page layout.

NOTE: Call recording is a custom field and only licensed users can view custom fields in Salesforce. All Salesforce users can view standard fields if their Salesforce profile allows access.

As an org admin, you can enable or disable the call recording for outbound and/or inbound calls under admin settings > Training tools> Call recording.

Fastcall has an optional disclosure for inbound call recording(recorded or text-to-speech). We will play either text-to-speech or an MP3 you record.

For outbound calls, area codes can be added to block call recording to numbers in that area code (North America only). Outbound & inbound call recording can be blocked by area code (USA & Canada only)

Fastcall admins can restrict the user’s ability to turn call recording on or off.


If you choose to use dual channel recording, the parties will be split between the right and left channels. Then you can use an application such as Audacity to handle each channel separately.

NOTE: Dual Channel isn’t available in conference mode under by call transfer or listen-in.