To start, we can set goals for call count per record; for example 7 calls to a prospect in 7 weeks. Then you use you call result to indicate if the goal was met. Example, if you have a conversation with your prospect, you can stop the call count and mark the goal as successful. Did you only talk to a gate keeper? Then do not stop the call count.

Update Lead Status after call

FastCall gives you the option to update lead status based on call duration and / or cal result. These update Salesforce Leads. Contacts do not have a native field for status.

FastCall saves your users from an unnecessary 2nd step of logging the call AND updating lead status. If you spoke to the decision maker, for example, then update the lead status to Working – Contacted. We manage those two steps on two different objects for you.

FastCall gives you these updates on the native Salesforce Lead Status and on the FastCall custom object for Call Score. If you have other processes running on Lead Status, you can use FastCall to update Call Score. Pick what works for your org.

OK, that takes care of my settings where does all this data go?

Good question! FastCall give you awesome data for your Task record and you can add the fields you need to your related list and / or reports. FastCall populates the Salesforce Native fields:

On the custom object for call score, we give you:

  1. Average call duration
  2. Call count
  3. Call goal
  4. Call goal start date (date of the first call)
  5. Call goals count stopped (checked when the count stops)
  6. Call goal status
  7. Call in the last X weeks
  8. Call last 12 months
  9. Calls last 30 days
  10. Calls needed to fulfil goal
  11. Calls this month
  12. Calls this year
  13. Days from creation to first call
  14. Days since first call
  15. Days since last call
  16. Days since last presentation (calls over 3 mins)
  17. First call date
  18. Last call date
  19. Last presentation
  20. Minutes from creation to first call
  21. Total duration


Fastcall score records


Reports using Task or Call Score

  1. Calls sorted by user (inbound)
  2. Call sorted by result
  3. Call sorted by user
  4.  Contacts and call score
  5. Contacts and recorded calls
  6. Inbound calls
  7. Leads and call goals
  8. Leads and call score
  9. Leads and recorded calls
  10. Presentation rates
  11. Inbound calls and voicemail
  12. Leads and task

These reports are just ideas for you to work from. Of course, Task is a native Salesforce object. You can edit any of your existing reports that use Task. And you can add Call Score as needed to an existing report.