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When a user’s call is connected, the Fastcall widget gives options to edit the call subject, add notes, set task pick list fields, or create lookups to an existing Opportunity or Case. By default, Fastcall creates a lookup to the Salesforce record. The user can also lookup a different Salesforce record, or if needed, create a new Lead altogether. To end the call, Fastcall gives a few options for call results and call termination.

Fastcall’s administrators can choose whether a Call Result is required or not. And whether choosing a Call Result can end the call (if call results are not required and Task sub-options are not shown). Also, a separate Call Result icon can be added to the widget sidebar along with your Task picklists, so you can choose a result before the Task closing step.


These settings are listed under Call Termination on Admin Settings.

On the settings page you will also see advanced options for closing a task:

  • Create a closed Salesforce Task  (this is the default)
  • Redirect to Task in edition mode so that the user can continuing editing the Task record
  • Do not create Task
  • Keep the Salesforce Task open. Do not close Task, so it shows under assigned User’s to-do list



Fastcall admins add and edit Call Results under the Fastcall Admin Settings. There are different Call Results available for outbound and inbound calls; you can also setup some Call Results to be available only for object type you are calling (or that is calling you). The Call Results you see are then specific to a particular Call Direction & Object Type combination.

NOTE: There’s a special option under Object Type: Unknown. The Call Results shown there, will be available when receiving an inbound call from a phone number that doesn’t have any object associated, or starting an outbound call via the keypad to an unknown number.



When managing Call Results associated to a specific Salesforce object, such as: Account, Lead, Opportunity, Custom Objects, etc. you will only see the Call Result when calling from that object (or receiving an inbound call from a number associated to that object).

With Fastcall you can use a Call Result to update any picklist field in an object in any object. E.g.:

  • Call a Lead and update Lead Status (create a Task and update Lead Status)
  • Call a Contact and update a field for Account Status



Automatic Call Results are tied to call durations. If the user does not set a Call Result by hand, Fastcall can do this using the call duration. By default, Fastcall provides this out-of-the-box configuration for all Call Direction & Object Type combinations.

  • 0 to 59 seconds: No Contact
  • 1 to 2:59: Contact
  • 3 mins and up: Connection

Fastcall does not know the results of the call, but we can set a result based on call length. We find that duration can be a good measure of the call. A 20 second call may not be ”gave a demo”.

NOTE: It is important that the Fastcall application ends the active call. It is best not to just refresh the browser and navigate away.

Calls can be ended in two ways. In the Fastcall widget, End Call drops the connection allowing users to log the call. Close Task resets the widget to the ready state. If you chose the option to require Call Results, then the Call Result picklist list is given. Otherwise, Close task resets the widget without showing any Call Results.

The Call Result picklist, required or not, can also be accessible on the widget sidebar.

NOTE: Voicemail drop will drop the user from the call, play the pre’recorded message on the prospect’s voicemail, and then terminate the call and close the Task.

Our goal is to streamline the experience with fewer clicks for those orgs that want a minimal experience; and to give more control to teams that need a fuller set of options.


Fastcall Call Termination option “Require call result to close task record” is on by default. If off, the Task can be closed without choosing a call result.

The option “Show separate call result field” puts the Call Result picklist in the sidebar too.  When off, Call Results are only shown when ending the call or closing the Task.  So by default, we give a sidebar option for call result, and call result is required to end the call. Removing these options altogether can eliminate a step in logging the call. You can use only call duration to set call result, users can end the call with one click.





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