As a Salesforce-native application, Fastcall creates a Salesforce task for each call without using the Salesforce API. Only a native app can create a Task in real-time without using the API. This is – by far – our #1 competitive advantage in the category.

Saving your users hours each month, Fastcall optimizes your workflow by creating a Task with fewer clicks and – most importantly – 100% consistency. Users will not be bogged down with data entry that inevitably leads to poor data quality.


Fastcall gives several options to set the Salesforce native fields for:

  • Call duration
  • Subject
  • Call result (including default call results based on call duration)
  • Task picklist (native and custom)
  • Salesforce comments (also captured as notes)
  • Type
  • Status

Then, Fastcall sets custom fields for

  • Call duration in minutes
  • Call from (phone number)
  • Call notes
  • Call recording
  • Call time

For inbound calls we give:

  • Voicemail (checkbox)
  • From city, state, zip, country


You can add any Salesforce task picklist to the Fastcall widget; customize your Call Results, append additional call data to your Salesforce Task Subject. Fastcall gives options for call notes, call termination and more.

Calls can be logged to Opportunities and/or Cases. By default, calls are logged to one Salesforce Contact, but we give the option to add multiple Contacts under the Account to a call.

There is also an option to add a follow-up call to the widget. This creates a future open task, for example, “call in one week.” These options are in the widget sidebar as shown below:

When you add a picklist value to the Fastcall widget you will see it along with call results, subject, notes, etc. These are fields that exist in your org or are added by you. Examples include “Call focus” or “Spoke to.”

As you know, Task is the native object for events, activities and – well – tasks. Your existing reports are built around the Salesforce native Task. Fastcall also understands the benefits of using custom objects to better model & detail calls.

Fastcall replicates key call values to the Salesforce Task record, so nothing needs to change if your team is logging calls as Tasks today. If you do not need to create Salesforce Task records for phone calls, you can turn this off in the Fastcall Settings page. See this page for details on the custom objects used by Fastcall for Call Logging.

Task detail screen


Call Logging under Fastcall Admin Settings can be customized in a few areas:

  • Options to manage Call Results for outbound and inbound call, including the default call results.
  • Call Subject for inbound, outbound, ACD, SMS, missed calls and internal Calls.
  • Task customization: Fastcall give options on when and how to create Task records.



  • Call Results for all Objects: On Call Direction you can select between outbound and inbound.
  • Call Results by Object: Select between Call Results assigned to specific objects. For example, if you only want to see the Call Results when calling Leads you can define this. Add values with the “+” button at the top right, assign type (outbound or inbound) and select a specific object if desired.

  • Automatic Call Results: are tied to call durations.



Once the call subject is added, you can edit the default values for:

  • Outbound calls
  • Inbound calls
  • ACD calls
  • Internal calls
  • Missed calls
  • SMS

Append options are:

  • None
  • Call time / date
  • Call Result
  • Call Result + call time / date
  • Contact name @ time / date
  • Call Subject

Learn more about Call Subject




Fastcall can create task records for every call you make. You can define when tasks will be created during a call flow.

Inside Task options under General Settings, you find our options to create a Salesforce task (on by default.) If this is set off, Fastcall will only log calls to our custom object. When Fastcall is creating your Salesforce Tasks, we give sub-options to create a task for completed calls; create a task for missed calls; and create a task to fix wrong numbers. With this last option, Fastcall creates a separate open activity to review the phone number fields on those records where a call failed due to an invalid phone number. Fastcall will create a task for voicemails.


On the Fields tab, we give options to show the Picklist label on the widget or not.


NOTE: Any Salesforce task picklist can be added to Fastcall

Last, on the Status tab, you will find options for call task status. This is an advanced setting that is not often edited.