What Salesforce Editions does FastCall support? FastCall supports Enterprise Edition and above.

Which browsers and operating systems are supported? FastCall is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+. However, if using the softphone, the latest version of Chrome is best. FastCall works on Macs, PCs and ChromeOS. FastCall does not support Android, IOS and does not have a SF1 app.

Which of my phones can I use to place a call? FastCall takes the user’s phones from the User object in Salesforce (office and/or mobile.) You can add more phones under the FastCall User Settings, for example office2 or conference room. When using your existing phone, FastCall calls the you first, then the Salesforce record. You can also choose the softphone option and use a USB headset. Note: The clipboard icon (call logger) does not dial, The base call logger on logs and scores calls.

What is required to use the softphone option? FastCall recommends the latest version of Chrome for the softphone. You must also have the Adobe Flash browser plugin installed and must allow the soft phone to access Flash if prompted. Go here to get the latest Adoble Flash player. The softphone requires a strong, preferably wired Internet connection and a high-quality, noise--cancelling headset. See here for more info on the softphone.

Is Twilio required to dial a SFDC record? Yes, Twilio is required. FastCall gives you the option to add Twilio as the telecom connection to our app. With Twilio you can drop voice mails, record calls, control caller ID and more. Example: make calls using your office phone and show your mobile number as caller ID.

What countries are supported? By default, Twilio supports calling from/to the US & Canada only. Outside the US and Canada you must enable international dialing permissions on your Twilio account (more info here.)

What numbers will you call and on which objects? FastCall will place a phone icon next to phone number on any SFDC Object, custom or native.

Are all calls logged as a Task? Calls are logged as a Task for all standard and custom objects that have Activities enabled. Calls made on an open Task will close the Task; calls made to a closed Task will overwrite it. (More info.)

Can I create other reports using FastCall data? Yes. FastCall logs calls on the Task and you can create any reporting using Tasks and associated objects. You can also use Call Score to create reports on Leads.

Where can I change the call dispositions or add more Task picklists to the FastCall widget? FastCall keeps these settings under "Call Scoring and Goals." Add / edit / sort call results, setup call score, update lead status after a call and more.

Where do I add/edit phone numbers? FastCall has three types of phone numbers. First is caller ID - which is required by Twilio. You can have 1 caller ID for all users (org default) - or each user can set caller ID in her FastCall User tab. You may also use a Twilio assigned number as caller ID. The second type of number is a user phone used for click to call. The third number is the number we are calling.

Do I have to use the FastCall application to end a call? No, you can also just hang up your phone. Even after hanging your phone, you can hang the call on the FastCall application to set a Call Disposition and/or edit the call Task record.

Which Salesforce resources will FastCall consume? FastCall creates a Task for each call attempt. Tasks count against your Salesforce storage limits. FastCall uses no Salesforce API.

Is paid setup available? Yes.

How do I update from the Sales Edition to the Sales+ Edition? FastCall enables the update via capability settings. We access your org via standard Salesforce support.

I installed the paid Sales Edition, how do I cancel before the trial ends? Installation and cancellation are managed 100% inside Salesforce. And there are a few steps required for both. First, cancel the subscription in the AppExchange. Remove the FastCall permission sets from the User records, then uninstall the application. NOTE: Salesforce will not let you uninstall an application with an active subscription; and removing users from the application is not the same as cancelling the subscription.

Does FastCall integrate with Skype or another SIP provider? No. Twilio does have an option to route calls to your SIP phones, but Twilio is still required. Twilio provides telecom as a phone application platform and API. FastCall is entirely software and Salesforce native. Twilio gives FastCall the tools to write our applications.

What is the base call logger? Our base application is a call logger. This "No Dial" mode will log and score your calls, just not dial. Our app is added as an Open CTI call center file in Salesforce to easily create a Task with call duration, call result, notes, call type and more. Our Call Score captures call count, total call duration, average call duration, days since first call, days since last call and more. FastCall provides great phone sales reporting data and works along with your existing phone as an add-on to log and score calls. We can also auto-update lead status after a call.

Can I edit a record while on a call? You can edit a Salesforce record while on a call if using click-to-call with an office or mobile phone; you can also edit the Salesforce record using Salesforce console. Salesforce Open CTI does not allow users to edit a record while using a softphone. Editing the browser will end your call using the FastCall softphone outside Console.