How does FastCall automate sales phone calls? With FastCall, when leads respond to Internet marketing efforts, complete web forms, download information, open an email or call, we use intelligent call automation and routing to maximize phone contact between our clients and their live leads. Robust, proprietary marketing automation and lead scoring drives efficiencies into telephone sales.Why do marketers need FastCall? Billions spent on B2B and B2C marketing are wasted. Effective phone selling requires a timely connection of a lead to a sales resource. Harvard Business Review reports that a sales connection to a web generated lead will fall 60X once the lead is one week old. Today, marketing lead generation efforts and sales resources are not integrated. Existing “lead funnel” technology does not solve the problem of poor conversion from a lead to a qualified phone sales presentation. Without the proper tools, sales teams spend too much time trying to get leads on the phone and managing leads.How does FastCall work? When the web lead is created or a trigger created in Salesforce, we immediately call the lead and play a recorded message asking the lead to “press 0 to for sales” then connect the call to you. Or, we call your sales rep first and connect them to the lead. FastCall will dial your sales resources “round robin” until the lead is connected. FastCall ensures leads are connected to sales quickly, consistently and efficiently. There is no competitive solution integrating phone automation onto Salesforce; leveraging vast sales call data for lead scoring.What if the lead does not respond to the first call, or my sales reps are not available to make the call? The automated calls continue at preset intervals: 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, one week and two weeks. The number of attempts, time between attempts and messages are all settings in the FastCall application. FastCall uses campaigns to introduce new messaging and processes. ie "New Lead Campaign" "30 Day Lead Campaign" etc. Leads can move from one campaign to another - just like drip email.How are subsequent calls scheduled and started? Each call is scheduled as a "Task" and is completed only when sales reps are “online / available” in the FastCall application. The FastCall application starts when the first rep logs in, and works based on a "calls per rep" setting. As more reps login, more calls are made. We adjust this setting based on expected response.When do the automated calls stop? The automated calls stop when a lead is marked sold, or you chose any other “blocking disposition”. Calls also stop when the users are logged out to prevent the application from calling when no sales users are available. Optionally, FastCall will automatically log out users who miss inbound calls.How are leads queued after hours? Hours of operation are set in the application. For example, if a lead is created at 6am and your sales staff starts their day at 8am, the FastCall will queue calls to start at 8am. However, the campaign does not start until the first rep logs in. If the first rep logs in at 9am, the campaign starts at 9am and spreads out the queued calls. If the lead in this example was actually called at 10. The “30 min call” is then scheduled at 10:30 (unless blocked).How does FastCall work with our existing sales process? The "Normal" sales process works in parallel with FastCall and all FastCall automated calls are logged as Tasks. If the sales rep makes the first presentation to the lead and sets the status of the lead to "Presentation Made" (or your equivalent) the FastCall automated calls are blocked. The FastCall application has a field for "blocking call status" and these include Presentation Made, Sold, Dead, etc... A change in status stops the campaign. If a rep has not sold the lead (or gave a presentation), the campaign is scheduled until it is blocked.Can a lead also choose Do Not Call? Yes. All automated calls offer a DO NOT CALL option. Leads press 7 to opt-out and the lead record is automatically updated.What time of day or day of week filters do you have? Calls are filtered by time zone (based on area code) and calls are made during business hours in the lead time zone.What countries will be called? We can call phone numbers in most markets.What other web events can FastCall use as a sales phone call trigger? Opened HTML emails, white paper downloads, webinars, consumer calls (call tracking).Why is the timing of the call so important? Our data indicates that the first automated call within minutes has a 8-10X better chance of converting to a sales presentation compared to a first sales call one week later. There is industry research confirming the importance of contacting your leads when they are “hot.” Even though the success rate will go down as the lead ages, automation can be very effective to continue to expose your leads to your brand. When leads over 30 days old have almost no ongoing contact by (live) sale resources, phone sales automation can add incremental improvements.What is the benefit of contacting leads frequently? The short answer in consistency. FastCall finds that small business customers need to hear from you over and over again. They need to hear your brand repeatedly. Also, individual buying decisions vary. If a lead requests information from your company in January, but is ready to buy in March, your company needs to be in contact with this lead in March.How are the FastCall users (sales representatives) alerted when an inbound call is received? FastCall identifies inbound calls three ways: 1) a unique caller ID on the inbound call 2) a whisper message on the inbound call 3) the lead is presented in with a pop-up notification.How does FastCall manage calling multiple leads at the same time? The FastCall system is regulated by the number of sales users (ISRs) logged in and available to answer an inbound call. When no users are logged in, no calls are made. Calls are also regulated by time of day and day of week. When users are on the phone, FastCall blocks the automated calls. A FastCall setting also regulates the number of calls made per user logged into the application. This setting can be turned up or down as needed based on actual response rates. With our integrated system, we know if the user is on a call because we are connecting the call to them. Users log in and out of our application in order to receive or block incoming calls. If the rep does not log out, and goes on a break, we optionally log them out after 3 missed calls, and email the rep and manager.How are the inbound calls routed? Inbound calls are either routed “round robin” to each sales user set-up in the FastCall application, or FastCall connects the calls to your own ACD so that the call distribution is done by your existing phone system. The number of users (ISRs) in rotation and ring time for each are settings in our application. If an inbound call is missed, the user is alerted. Inbound calls answered and missed are reported. Each time a call is connected to a sales rep, FastCall knows that the rep is "on a call". Our application is rate limited so we dial faster when more reps are "online and available". For example, if 5 out of 5 reps were active on calls, we would wait until a rep is available again. If calls back up we alert the sales manager to assign more reps or add "overflow" reps.What happens when a rep is on an outbound call? If the inbound reps are making outbound calls, and they are using the FastCall dialer, FastCall knows that the rep is on a call. FastCall developed our click-to-dial application for this reason. FastCall's manual dialer is now available in the SFDC AppExchange.Can phone calls be routed based on an “Office” for example by location? Yes.Where is reporting available? Reporting is 100% native in Salesforce and available in real time. Automated calls are logged as Tasks with duration. Inbound calls are reported as answered or missed.Does FastCall only work with an Inbound Sales Team? We suggest a dedicated inbound team. This is the current trend in B2B sales. Specialization. But we can work with Inbound/Outbound. Which is a "blended" sales approach.Can the scripts be customized? Yes, for the automatic message on the outbound call it is possible to customize various sets of scripts based on specific parameters.

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