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Powerful Salesforce Call Center Software from Fastcall

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Fastcall Offers the Ultimate Salesforce Call Center Software for Your Business.

Release the Potential of Salesforce With Advanced Software Solutions!

Fastcall’s advanced software solutions offer the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the latest in Salesforce app integration. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more and schedule a free demo.


Salesforce Call Center Software That Gets Results

Fastcall’s cutting-edge contact center technology integrates beautifully with Salesforce to deliver a better customer experience. This means your agents can conduct contextual dialogues with every customer. Using our Salesforce call center integration, you’ll be enhancing the customer experience while boosting your service metrics.

Tailor Your Offering to What Customers Want

From messaging apps and voice calls to video, and more, Fastcall’s call center software solution allows you to switch between multiple channels of communication seamlessly without losing context.

Powered by AI and Bots

Fastcall also interacts with the latest powerful AI solutions and bot functionality to provide smoother automation, speedier resolution times, and improved customer experience.

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Customer Experience

Fastcall’s vision for the future includes a world of seamless customer interaction with outstanding smartphone and mobile device functionality, including in-app messaging, messenger channel support, and SMS messaging support in the cloud.

Omnichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If your business or organization is looking to provide excellent customer care across all channels, there is no better solution than Fastcall’s omnichannel call center software.

Fastcall’s call center software solutions with Salesforce CTI integration allow your agents to communicate with consumers over a range of various channels, including voice calls, SMS, messaging apps, email, and video.

Custom Workflows

Fastcall’s Salesforce CRM solutions keep track of every call or message so your customer care agents will be able to access past contacts from any channel. This means they can base their communication on the context of the conversation to date, inspiring the customer to feel confidence and trust in your organization.

Our Salesforce call center solution also lets your agents personalize workflows and guide customers through the various CRM channels. This is highly efficient in directing the customer to the proper person on the channels of their choice.

Fastcall’s software works perfectly with Salesforce and results in exceptional standards of customer service.

Empower Your Team

The Fastcall platform enables your agents to offer outstanding customer care on every channel while improving handling speeds and getting quicker case resolution. For example, your agents can help customers to find relevant information by utilizing a detailed snapshot of previous interactions. With the power of the Salesforce CRM and Fastcall’s CTI integration, your agents will be able to deliver premium levels of customer service every time.

Omnichannel Routing in Real Time

Instead of a wide-ranging approach that lacks context and personalization, Fastcall and Salesforce combine to provide a solution that enables effective and robust omnichannel routing.

Why is this important? Unwieldy channels and technologies are still common in many call centers, resulting in a compartmentalized experience that impedes the customer’s journey. Fastcall’s powerful omnichannel call center technology allows businesses to create custom solutions fast. There are no disparate systems to worry about when the communication channels for agents and customers are incorporated natively. All the emphasis is on smooth communication.

In addition, Fastcall’s omnichannel navigation technology enables you to base your communication processes on your Salesforce data. Incoming communications can be quickly routed according to the information you currently hold, including the significance of the client, the last person that dealt with them, and more.

Fastcall’s IVR for Salesforce

Our IVR software allows callers to engage with speech recognition systems over the phone, removing the need for personal interaction. This means that callers can get information from a pre-recorded message and select menu options to reach the relevant representative.

Open CTI Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Open CTI is compatible with Salesforce Call Center and it allows applications like Fastcall to interface fully with Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Console, and Lightning Experience. Salesforce Open CTI is browser and platform independent.

Bespoke Solutions

Any business or organization can benefit from Fastcall’s Salesforce call center software. Our platform can be customized to meet your industry’s specific demands, whether they are for customer support, help desk, or outbound and sales calls. By utilizing Fastcall’s cloud platform and CTI integration with Salesforce, your call center will be free to use any telecom provider.

Effective Communication Strategies for Every Channel

Fastcall’s Salesforce call center software will help you and your team to develop a first-class communication strategy that surpasses expectations. Outbound calls, SMS notifications, and premium customer service can all be utilized using your Salesforce data. Regardless of the method or channel you choose, Fastcall will make sure your customers have a positive and memorable experience.


A 360-Degree View of Customer Experience

For CRM to work at optimum levels, it’s vital to ensure that your Salesforce call center and customer relationship management software offer outstanding care on every channel. Salesforce combined with Fastcall’s advanced technology does just that while helping you to acquire a complete overview of customer experience.

Your team and call center managers will benefit from real-time visibility thanks to Fastcall’s omnichannel quality management solution. Supervisors can easily access critical data, such as contact histories, call records, and more thanks to powerful Salesforce integration. They can also use CRM data to better train and motivate the agents, resulting in happier teams, more effective communication, and speedier case resolution.

If Salesforce Is Important to You and Your Team, You Need Fastcall

Fastcall’s advanced Salesforce call center software can revolutionize the way you do business. Call our helpful team today to learn more and schedule a free demo!

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