Task and Call Score Deep Dive

What can I do with Call Scoring and Goals? Set your default subject Decide if your users will edit subject in the widget, or if subject should be fixed. Add any new or existing Task picklist to the FastCall widget Enable, then set your call goals Enable the process to update your Lead status after… Read more »

FastCall Phone Tab – Deep Dive

In the FastCall Phone Number Tab (under FastCall Admin settings) we give you four subtabs for phone numbers: Caller ID User Phones Inbound Phones Inbound Call Distribution   1) Caller ID can be shared across all users (we call this the org default.) Phone numbers can also be verified for individual users. The “org default”… Read more »

How to Add Users in FastCall

There are a few steps required to add users in FastCall.. all managed 100% inside Salesforce. Purchase the license from the AppExchange (if on the paid edition of FastCall) or add users in Salesforce under MyAccount Assign the FastCall license to the user Give the user the FastCall permission set Then the FastCall call center… Read more »

Add International Dialing to FastCall (Click-to-Call Salesforce AppExchange)

After installing the FastCall Click-to-Call application from the Salesforce AppExchange and connecting Twilio, you have one more step if you are dialing outside the US or Canada. Log into Twilio and add international dialing. https://www.twilio.com/user/account/settings/international   Twilio expects a country code when dialing outside the USA or Canada. A country code can be set as… Read more »

FastCall in the Salesforce Sales Console

FastCall is optimized for Salesforce Sales Console. Sales Console must be enabled in your org. From the Salesforce site: Salesforce console is designed to boost productivity for users in fast-paced environments.Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service CloudAvailable in: Performance and Developer Editions with the Sales CloudAvailable in: Enterprise and Unlimited… Read more »

FastCall Version 4.0

In the next few weeks you will find a major redesign to our widget, and a major refactor to our data model. Our subscribers have pushed us for many amazing improvements. As we added new features our application grew to accommodate the expanded capability. But we have outgrown the current widget. Over FastCall’s last ten… Read more »

FastCall @PuntaDreamin #PD17

FastCall was honored to be a sponsor of Punta dreamin, the first ever Latin American Salesforce Community event. The event was March 10-11 in Punta del Este Uruguay.

FastCall Version 3.80

Version 3.80 adds a new settings for Groups and two improvements to the ACD. FastCall now uses a fixed order for call rotation. We were using a random order for each call. We also added support for call routing to a lead owner.

FastCall Version 3.70

Coming in FastCall Version 3.70 FastCall will support logging a call to a case, much as we log calls to opportunities today. We will refactor call logging with the addition of a new custom object for calls. This will help log calls across multiple objects (cases, opportunities, etc.) And also improve reporting for the inbound… Read more »

FastCall Version 3.60

In FastCall Version 3.60 we focused on inbound call distribution. We added agent login and logout times to the user status page; and added the ability to automatically logout users after missed calls. User status is important for distributing inbound calls. In the next update we are improving how we manage groups used by the… Read more »

FastCall Version 3.50

In FastCall Version 3.50 we are introducing improvements to the widget as part of an over redesign, and to be Lightning Compatible. We moved the phone and caller ID selection to settings. For users who do not often change these settings this is an improvement; and for users who do changes caller ID and/or phones,… Read more »

FastCall Version 3.40

Improvements in FastCall version 3.40 include: Alerts on after hours calls Option to keep a task open after a call Improvements to phones used for click to call Improvements to phones used for inbound ACD Groups used to manage ACD users Advanced search added to phone number provisioning We spent much of October preparing for… Read more »