In FastCall Version 3.50 we are introducing improvements to the widget as part of an over redesign, and to be Lightning Compatible. We moved the phone and caller ID selection to settings. For users who do not often change these settings this is an improvement; and for users who do changes caller ID and/or phones, editing is just a click away.

As the default, we are showing recents calls (combined inbound and outbound). Our plan is to give three tabs in the widget: recent calls, stats and favorites.

FastCall Version 3.50 - Widget Updates

We have slowly improved the FastCall widget and will continue updating. Our plan is to replace each menu item. As the call advances, users will now see two call states: connecting and connected.

The icons represent:

  1. Mute
  2. 3-way call used for call transfer / listen-in
    Call recording
  3. Dial pad – for dialing extensions

The timer now resets after the call is connected.

FastCall Version 3.50 - Active Call

Two more big additions to FastCall that we are introducing in Version 3.50 are IVR and SMS.

The initial IVR and SMS features are basic. We will iterate and improve over several releases.

So let’s “press 1” and talk about IVR.

Today, FastCall allows a phone number to be assigned to a user or a Salesforce group. When a phone is assigned to a group, FastCall distributes calls via automatic call distribution or ACD. We recently added a greeting to the ACD so that calls can be answered then routed to the group. Now, with the interactive voice response (IVR) callers are presented a menu.

Initially, the three options for IVR are:

    1. Play directory
    1. Transfer
    1. Menu

And options can be nested, so you can present a menu, then a directory.

We incorporated the ACD into IVR; so even if just setting up the ACD you will do so using the IVR modale.

Users now have extensions and can either record their own names, or use text-to-speech (TTS) to read the name. When using the FastCall directory FastCall will read all users with a FastCall licenses (org) or you chose a group.

We are also making a major update to inbound call routing with queue. Unlike the current auto call distribution (ACD) – with FastCall queue calls are on hold until the user takes the call out of the queue. As an advanced feature, this will be an add-on to the Sales+ Edition.

OK. Press 2 for SMS !!

Many Twilio number are SMS capable, but not all. When the number is SMS enabled FastCall will give the option to send and receive messages. To start, sending and receiving will be separate. We will add the ability to thread messages; SMS templates, triggered SMS and more. Super excited about SMS.

Press 3 to learn about previous update. OK !

    1. Multiple contacts can be associated to the Salesforce Task when calling a Contact or Account.
    1. FastCall added an #awesome lookup between Call Result and any Salesforce object.
    1. Textbox added to call transfer; and other improvements to call transfer.
    1. Under Task Pick Lists, you will find a new option to create open Tasks for follow up calls.
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