More info on user phones and caller ID

Before you dial your first outbound call, then optionally receive an inbound call, I just want to quickly give some more info on phones. Call Logger: Fastcall has a call logger where you use your existing phone to dial and Fastcall to log the call. Duration starts when you click the phone icon and stops… Read more »

Voicemail and Recorded Messages

The next tab is where you manage messages used for inbound voicemail and outbound voicemail drop. To record a new message, the user names the message and chooses the phone number to receive an automated phone call. Click Record & Add After receiving a call, record the message at the tone. Your recorded messages are… Read more »

Verified caller ID and provisioned phones

As a Fastcall user, you will either set your own personal caller ID or use a caller ID assigned by your Salesforce admin. For example, you can place calls using your office phone and show your mobile as the caller ID. Or, you can place calls using your mobile phone and show your office caller… Read more »

Call Recording

Fastcall users can set call recording on and off unless disabled by your Admin. The call recording URL is stored on the Salesforce Task record. It’s an MP3 file stored outside of Salesforce. If not already present, your admin can add the Call Recording field to the Activity History related list. Read here for more… Read more »

Fastcall User Settings

Fastcall user settings are under the hamburger menu in the upper left of the Fastcall widget. You will find your Fastcall settings in the application menu in the upper right corner of Salesforce where your other installed Salesforce apps can be found (Salesforce Classic). In Lightning, the application menu is in the upper left of… Read more »

Receiving a call

We have a demo video for inbound call routing. 1- When receiving a call using the Fastcall softphone, you will hear ringing in your browser and will see the option to answer the call in the widget. When answering with a hard phone (image to the right) you will just see the record. 2- When… Read more »

Making a call

We have a super easy user training video. In Salesforce Lightning, Fastcall is in the left footer. In Salesforce Classic Fastcall is in the left sidebar. In Sales Console, you will find Fastcall in the right footer.   Start Your Call: Click the phone icon next to the phone number and your call will start.… Read more »