Next Steps and Advanced Setup

Our user guide is here. Options for call result, call subject and task picklist. Here are some tips for using the Fastcall softphone. If you are using Fastcall outside the US or Canada, check some additional steps here. Tips on call recording in Fastcall. Steps for adding Fastcall in Sales Console are here. BeLocal: (Available in the… Read more »

Customize Page Layouts (10-15 mins)

In this section, you will customize your page layouts. You can also skip this step and come back to this later. For more info on editing Salesforce page layouts, check here. Note: page layouts are assigned by Profile so you may need to lookup the layout used by the profile of your Fastcall users.  Activity History… Read more »

User Settings

  Widget Settings These widget settings are also in the Fastcall widget. Status – controls the user’s call status: available or offline. Country code is used for dialing outside North America. Call recording allows the user to turn off call recording. Calling Devices Users set personal phones used for click-to-call. When using the softphone, these phones… Read more »

Provision Inbound Phones – 5 mins

Click the button to provision your inbound Twilio phone numbers. Give the phone number and name. Search by country (in North America you can search by area code) Select the number you want to purchase Provision Fastcall inbound phone numbers can be assigned by the admin to users or groups. Basic setup is when the… Read more »

Verify Caller ID – 5 mins

   After connecting Twilio, you will either validate one or more of your existing phones to be used for caller ID and/or provision new phone numbers. You will do one or the other; or both. IMPORTANT: You cannot dial without validating a caller ID with Twilio, or using a Twilio phone as caller ID… Read more »

Connect with Twilio (required to dial) – 5 mins

Note: In order to dial and control your phone calls, you will connect Twilio to Fastcall. Twilio is a web service used by Fastcall to enable dialing, phone call control and SMS. Connecting Twilio allows you to dial either with your existing phone (click-to-call); or using our softphone to call using only your browser and… Read more »

Setup Site (required if connecting Twilio) – 5 mins

Create a Site Before connecting Fastcall with Twilio, you need to setup a Site that will be used for communications between Twilio and Fastcall. See here for more details on setting up a site. We recommend using a new, separate, Site for Fastcall. Do not reuse an existing site. Go to Salesforce… Read more »

Test the Call Logger using the Fastcall Widget (10-15 minutes)

At this point you can test the base call logger. We want you to use Fastcall to log a few calls. Once you understand how we create a Salesforce Task and our call logging options, you can connect Twilio following the steps below. Fastcall creates a completed/closed Task with call duration, call results, call type,… Read more »

Install the Fastcall Package in your Salesforce Org (under 5 mins)

From the AppExchange click Get It Now. Enter the credentials of the org where you want to install the package (sandbox or production). After login in, click Continue.  Approve Package API Access, click on Next. NOTE: Twilio is not required to use the application in the call logger mode, or for initial testing, however you must approve third-party access… Read more »

Fastcall Setup – Will take from 15 minutes to a few hours

NOTE: It is very important that you read through all of these steps. It is unlikely you will be able to setup Fastcall without these instructions. Contact us for help or to discuss your setup options.   10-15 minutes – Initial setup and testing. 30-45 minutes – Connect Twilio and setup Fastcall for outbound dialing.… Read more »