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Widget Setup Options

Fastcall widget can be customized in a few areas. On Admin Widget Settings we give options for User Interface, Call Termination and options for Upgrade Features.


Related to Call Notes, you would find customizable options for ‘Notes on Widget’ and ‘Store notes on task comments field’.

The User Interface settings control the notes box; gives an option to copy the custom field for Fastcall notes (short text) to the native Salesforce field for comments (long text.) So, by enabling ‘store notes on task comments field’, user can enter longer notes. The first 255 characters are stored on the task call notes custom field, and the full text is stored on the task comments field. Allows up to 32000 characters.

Last, you have the option to remove or show the call subject.


The next section for Fastcall widget customization gives call termination options and call results options. Here you control whether your users will see the call result picklists. You also control how calls are ended.

The first call termination option is “Require Call Result to Close Task Record” and is on by default. If off, the task can be closed without a call result

Next, we give an option to “Show Separate Call Result Field.” This setting is also on by default; and when off, call result is nested under the end call option.

So by default, we give a menu bar for call result, and call result is required to end the call.

Removing these options can eliminate a step in logging the call. For example, you can now use only call duration to set call result (a new option given with call results,) users can end the call with one click.

The setting for “Show Task Closing Options,” adds a submenu after ending call with additional task options. These suboptions include ending a call in task edit mode (used for adding more notes;) ending a call and keeping the Salesforce task open; or ending a call and not creating a task. The function is not new, but the setting is. Mostly you can remove the suboptions if you do not want your users to see them.

‘Our goal with these settings it to streamline the experience with fewer clicks for those orgs that want a minimal experience; and to give more to teams that need a fuller set of options.’


On upgrade features options you can enable or disable options like:

  • Display Opportunities on Widget: By enabling this setting, opportunity can be linked to the call if you are calling a contact, account or persona account.
  • Display Cases on Widget: By enabling this setting, cases can be linked to the call.
  • Relate Task To Multiple Contacts: Search & select multiple contacts to be associated with the task. Requires Salesforce shared activities feature to be enabled under customize / activities / activity settings
  • Enable Voicemail Drop: Leave pre-recorded messages on outbound calls
  • Dial by List: Dial multiple records one ofter the other from a list view in Salesforce
  • SMS: Send and receive SMS messages
  • Call Queues: Transfer calls to a queue, and answer calls that are waiting on a given queue.

Fastcall widget on an outbound call:

Fastcall Widget Outbound Calls