After connecting Twilio, you will either validate one or more of your existing phones to be used for caller ID and/or provision new phone numbers. You will do one or the other; or both. But you must either validate or provision a net new number. IMPORTANT: You cannot dial without validating a caller ID with Twilio, or using a Twilio phone as caller ID (see the next step).

Look for the Phone Numbers tab and you will see two buttons: Verify New Phone Number, Provision New Phone Number.


Verify New Phone Number


A verified caller ID is a number you own and want to use as caller ID. Enter your phone number and give it an optional name, then validate. You will be shown a 6 digit verification number and will receive an automated call from Twilio on the phone number you provided. Answer the call and enter the verification code.

When verifying phone numbers you will be shown two options:

  1. assign the phone number to a user to be used as a personal caller ID
  2. assign the number to a group and the caller ID will be shared by all users in the group

There are two ways to do this: your users validate individual phone numbers under FastCall User Settings, or you validate the numbers for them in the Admin section.

If you are going to use Twilio to provision personal inbound phone numbers in the next step, these numbers can be used as caller ID and do not have to be verified. If you will not use FastCall to route inbound calls, skip the next section in setup.