Note: If you are connecting with Twilio in a Salesforce production org, you must have at least 2 licenses. A license will be assigned to the Site Guest User (this is a technical requirement from Salesforce). Example: If you have 5 users, you will need 6 licenses. This is not required when using FastCall as a logger, and is not required in a Sandbox org. If you don’t already have an extra license, you can add it in the AppExchange. The subscription and free trial will be managed by you entirely in the AppExchange. The trial is unlimited in your Sandbox (no credit card required) and user licenses are not required in a Sandbox or development org. You do not need to provision a Salesforce Site when using FastCall as a “call logger.”

Create a Site

Before connecting FastCall with Twilio, you need to setup a Site that will be used for communications between Twilio and FastCall. See here for more details on setting up a site. We recommend using a new, separate, Site for FastCall.

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup and search “Sites” (Build > Develop > Sites). If you haven’t done so already, you must set a site sub-domain for your Salesforce organization.FastCall uses Salesforce Sites to pass call instructions to Twilio.
  2. Click New to create a new Site and give it a name, like “FastCall”. Be sure to check the Active field. And select InMaintenance as the Active Site Home Page. You may add a page suffix (e.g., “fc”) to the default web address. Finally, click Save.Click New to create a new Site and give it a name
  3. You have now created a Salesforce site that can be used by FastCall to communicate with Twilio!

Pick the Site to be used with FastCall

Use the application drop down (top-right in your Salesforce screen) to select the FastCall application. There, navigate to FastCall Settings > VoIP Settings > Site. FastCall lists the Sites available in your org in a drop down menu. Pick the site you’d like to use for FastCall. If you just created a new site for FastCall, it will be listed here.

Sandbox instructions – Important: in a sbox you must use the advanced site setup option to cut and paste the sbox site URL from the sites pages to the text box shown below. FastCall will only format the site URL – and give this in the dropdown – when in a production org. When in a sbox, if this is not done by hand you will have an application error when testing a call.

The site you created will be listed here