With FastCall inbound call tracking, your calls and logged and scored in Salesforce. FastCall keeps a list of recent inbound calls in the Salesforce-native, Open CTI component.

Advantages of FastCall inbound routing include:

  • When a FastCall number is used as caller ID, inbound calls can be routed directly to the sales team (vs using the main company number as caller ID)
  • Receive calls on the FastCall softphone, mobile or office phone
  • Inbound calls overflow (rollover) to user’s mobile phone, office or call center
  • Simulring dials two phones at once
  • Salesforce native reports easily surface calls received, answered and missed
  • Voicemail is reported in Salesforce for easy follow-up
  • Inbound calls “pop” in Salesforce for immediate response
  • Inbound calls can be recorded with an optional disclosure
  • Missed call notification
  • City, State and/or Country of the incoming call