• Round robin routing to next available user or simulring to all users
  • Interactive voice response
  • Assign multiple numbers per user
  • Call transfer
  • Live “listen in” of an active call
  • Routing by office, or team
  • Time-based routing
  • Directory of users
  • Menu of departments
  • Call routing to lead owner (coming soon)


FastCall uses a 3-way conference call for listen-in and call transfer. The settings for listen in and/or transfer must be enabled so each call will start as a conference call. We give these options for inbound and outbound calls separately. With Listen in and transfer there are 3 parties on a call. And while the conference call used here enables more sophisticated call handling, the trade off is more overhead when communicating w Twilio.

Simulring is not available when the option for call transfer or listen-in are enabled. Simulring cannot be used in a 3-way call.

On last note: answering a call on a mobile vs the softphone gives a different notification in the widget. With the softphone, we are notifying the widget of the call in real time as the call is ringing. With the mobile, notification cannot be sent until a call is answered.