We have a demo video for inbound call routing here.


  1. When receiving a call using the FastCall softphone, you will hear ringing in your browser and will see the option to answer the call in the widget.Inbound Record Search
  2. When you answer, you have the option to either add a new lead or relate the caller to an existing Salesforce record. FastCall searches by caller ID.
  3. Once the call is related to an existing record, or a new lead is created, FastCall will create the Task as an inbound call. Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.20.03 PM
  4. Your inbound call routing options are set in your Users tab. You can setup roll over to dial one phone after the other (two phones.) – or you can use simulring to dial two phones at the same time.
  5. Inbound calls can be recorded with an optional disclosure
  6. Voicemail – also optional – can be setup and the Task created will have a checkbox indicating the recording is a voicemail.

NOTE: When the inbound call is matched by caller ID, the detail record will pop in the FastCall widget.
VERY IMPORTANT: FastCall will only ring the softphone and pop the matching record if you are logged into Salesforce and on a page containing the FastCall widget. For example, if you are reading a report (a page with no FastCall widget) the softphone will not ring in Salesforce. If you want to use the softphone only and inbound call routing, you will need to keep a Salesforce tab open at all times.​