1. Click the button to provision your inbound Twilio phone numbers.
  2. Give the phone number and name.
  3. Search by country and area code (north America)
  4. Select the number you want to purchase
  5. Select your number and click Provision

Fastcall inbound phone numbers can be assigned by the admin to users or groups. Basic setup is when the inbound numbers is assigned to a user. After your phone numbers are provisioned and assigned to your users under the admin tab, your users will setup their personal routing options for the newly assigned inbound phone numbers under their Fastcall User Settings. The inbound phone number will not connect until the user sets the personal routing options.

NOTE: You will only see purchased Twilio phone numbers if the numbers are associated with the Fastcall connected account. You cannot provision numbers directly with Twilio.

Your users can manage their inbound numbers in the Fastcall User Tab under My Settings / Phone Numbers, or you, as the admin, can access your user’s’ settings via the Fastcall User Panel if you wish to manage inbound routing as the org admin. Here the user sets devices to answer the inbound call (softphone, office, mobile;) ring time for inbound calls and can set the advanced options for simulring or overflow. A greeting can be added to play before the call, we have voicemail, etc.. There is an email notification for a missed call; and recent calls are listed in the widget.

All managed under User settings in Fastcall – even if the user is an admin. These are user settings.

When calls are answered in the softphone, the user searches in the softphone for a matching Salesforce record. If no match is found then the user can create a new lead.

Call answering options are further explained here:

In the Sales+ Edition, inbound phones assigned to a Salesforce group will route calls using automatic call distribution; or ACD.

  • The ACD is found under the IVR settings (interactive voice response.)
  • IVR is a much more advanced setup and will take 30 mins to a few hours based on your use case.

These calls ring groups of users in rotation. Each user can have only one phone to answer the ACD. *This is different than user phones.

NOTE: Your inbound phone numbers will not connect until your users complete the setup under the User tab.

  • Simulring is not available when the option for call transfer and/or listen-in are enabled.
  • Answering a call on a mobile vs the softphone gives a different notification in the widget.
  • With the softphone, we are notifying the widget of the call in real time as the call is ringing.
  • With the mobile, notification cannot be sent until a call is answered.

IMPORTANT: You can setup a purchased number to be used with automatic call distribution (ACD) where calls are distributed round robin or simulring to your users. The ACD is required with BeLocal, the Fastcall application that uses a local area code as caller ID.