The next tab is recorded messages used for inbound voicemail and outbound voicemail drop.

  1. To record a new message, the user names the message and chooses the phone number to receive an automated phone call. Click Record & Add
  2. After receiving a call, record the message at the tone.
  3. You recorded messages are listed in this tab. You may also find recording assigned to you by your admin.
  4. If you are using the optional voicemail drop, the messages will be available in the FastCall widget.

How does the Fastcall voicemail drop work?
When a call reaches a prospect’s answering machine or voicemail, you listen to the voicemail greeting then for the beep. After the beep, you click the voicemail message in the FastCall widger and the recorded file will play onto the prospect’s voicemail system. The recorded message will sound just like the message recorded above!