You should be able to see the FastCall widget in the left sidebar on any Salesforce page with a phone number. In Sales Console you will find FastCall in the footer.




To get started click any phone number on any Salesforce object, FastCall will use the phone and caller ID you picked under settings.

FastCall - Ready to Dial


Keep in mind that you may share the same default caller ID with all users on your team. FastCall will remember your choices. You may want to control the outgoing caller ID. Example, make calls using your mobile phone and show an office phone as caller ID; or vice versa. This is a nice feature for a home-based or mobile worker. You can also use the caller IDs of different offices (NY, Chicago, San Francisco, London, etc.) These could be your own existing phone numbers or your admin can use FastCall to provision new phone numbers and assign them to you.

    1. Start Your Call: Click the phone icon next to the phone number and your call will start. FastCall dials you first on the selected phone.If using the softphone you will immediately hear ringing in your browser. In Chrome – the preferred browser for the softphone – you will see a red dot illuminated in the browser tab. Calls will show as connected. When using the softphone you may not edit the browser session if you are outside Salesforce Console. This is the case for all Salesforce Open CTI apps.
    2. Call Stages: You will see the call go through five stages from start to finish: Available, Starting, Connecting, Connected, Call Finished. The icons represent mute, the conference call used with call transfer, call recording, and the keypad.
    3. End Your Call: End your call either by picking a call result from the dropdown – or using the end call (hang up) button. You admin will setup these call termination options. When you end the call you are creating a closed Task in Salesforce.
    4. Options to Create Salesforce Task: Inside the widget you will see that you can add notes to the call. You may also be able to edit the Task subject and set other options as selected by your admin. These are optional and setup by your org admin. You can use FastCall to create a future, open Task for example “call in one week.”


  1. Task in Salesforce: After ending a call, a closed Task record is created for the call with call duration, call result, notes and more. The call results used in the drop down are set-up by your admin.
    Task in Salesforce