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Making a call

We have a super easy user training video.

In Salesforce Lightning, Fastcall is in the left footer. In Salesforce Classic Fastcall is in the left sidebar. In Sales Console, you will find Fastcall in the right footer.

  • Start Your Call: Click the phone icon next to the phone number and your call will start. Fastcall dials you first then the Salesforce record. Your calling device (phone) and caller ID can be edited under settings in the upper left hamburger menu. Devices include the Fastcall softphone, a hard phone or a mobile. See the steps below to edit your user settings. NOTE: If using the softphone you will immediately hear ringing in your browser. In Chrome – the preferred browser for the softphone – you will see a red dot illuminated on the browser tab. When using the softphone you may edit the browser session in Lighting or Salesforce Console, but not in Classic. This is the case for all Salesforce Open CTI apps.
  • Call Stages: You will see the call go through stages from start to finish: available, starting, connecting (ringing), connected (green), call finished (red). There are icons for mute and a keypad as well as a text box for the Salesforce Subject, and notes. Additional call logging options are in a sidebar.
  • End Your Call: After you end your call you will have the option to pick a call result from the drop-down. Your Salesforce admin will setup the call termination options.

Options to Create Salesforce Task:

After ending a call, a closed Task record is created for the call with call duration, call result, notes and more. The call results used in the drop down are set-up by your admin.

Fastcall gives a few options for the Task subject and other call logging options as selected by your admin. For example, you can use Fastcall to create a future, open Task “call in one week.”