1. From the AppExchange click Get It Now. Enter the credentials of the org where you want to install the package (sandbox or production). After login in, click Continue. From the AppExchange click Get It Now
  2. Twilio is not required to use the application in the call logger mode, or for initial testing, however you must approve third-party access to Twilio in order to proceed with the installation. Click Continue.Must approve third-party access to Twilio
  3. Approve Package API Access, click on Next.
  4. Choose the User Profiles that should be allowed to use the application (System Administrators, All Users, or enable/disable the app for each profile). Fastcall manages application rights on its User Panel, where you can provision Standard and Administrator users. When done, click Next.
  5. Install Package. 100% of the install is managed by Salesforce and Salesforce may tell you to wait for the install to complete. You will receive an email confirmation once the install is complete. Fastcall is also notified.
  6. Fastcall application settings are divided into Admin Settings and User Settings. Admin Settings are hidden for standard users.

After your install, Fastcall will be found in the Salesforce application menu.


After your install, FastCall will be found in the Salesforce application menu.