1. From the AppExchange click Get It Now. Enter the credentials of the org where you want to install the package (sandbox or production) After login, click Continue. Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.07.42 PM
  2. FastCall gives a 7 day trial by default. You will be required to add a credit card in the AppExchange to install FastCall in a production org. We use Salesforce Checkout for our billing. Of course there is an unlimited trial – with no credit card required – in a sandbox or dev org. There is a four-user minimum in production, if fewer than 4 licences are assigned the application will be blocked. After the 7 day trial the credit card will automatically be charged and the paid subscription starts. Please contact us if you need any changes or have questions before the subscription bills.
  3. Twilio is not required to use the application in the call logger mode, or for initial testing, however you must approve third-party access to Twilio at this step. Click Continue.Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.11.21 PM
  4. Approve Package API Access, click on Next.
  5. Choose the User Profiles that should be allowed to use the application (System Administrators, All Users, or enable/disable the app for each profile.) FastCall manages application rights via Permission Sets which you will assign later in setup. When done, click Next.
  6. Install Package. 100% of the install is managed by Salesforce and Salesforce may tell you to wait for the install to complete. You will receive an email confirming the install. FastCall is also notified.
  7. FastCall application settings are divided into Admin Settings and FastCall User Settings. Visibility of the FastCall Admin Settings are hidden for standard users based on Permission Sets you assign.

NOTE: The default phone setting in FastCall is our call logger – the clipboard icon. Our call logger is used for testing; and is used without Twilio to log calls, but not dial.

FastCall should easily create a closed Task with call duration, call results, call type, call count, notes and much more all from our lightweight, easy-to use widget. Once you have tested FastCall’s ability to create a Salesforce Task in your org, you can remove the call logging setting (clipboard) so that your users will not see it. If you are planning to connect Twilio, please give the call logger a few tries. We want you to be delighted with how FastCall logs and scores calls.

Note: If you are adding Twilio and are in a Salesforce production org, you must have at least 2 licenses. You must also be in an Enterprise Edition of Salesforce or above. If you did not already add a 2nd license you do so back in the AppExchange. The subscription and free trial will be managed by you entirely in the AppExchange. The trial is unlimited in your sandbox (no credit card required) and user licenses are not required in a sandbox or development org.


After your install, FastCall will be found in the Salesforce application menu.

FastCall in the Salesforce Application Menu