Before we talk about how to dial and outbound call, then optionally receive an inbound call, I just want to quickly give some more info on phones.

  • Call Logger: Fastcall has a call logger – the clipboard – where you use your existing phone to dial and FastCall to log the call. Duration starts when you click the phone icon and stops when you chose the call result. FastCall will capture call duration and allow you to create a Task, with call results, notes and more, but the call logger does not dial the call. You use this for testing, or maybe a conf call where you are on another phone but still want to log the call.
  • Click-to-Call: The click-to-call mode works along with your existing phone – whether a landline or mobile. In click-to-call mode, FastCall will dial your phone first (office or mobile), then call the Salesforce record. Your phone numbers are taken from the Salesforce User record or added by you on the FastCall User tab. For example, if you need a 2nd office number or want to add a phone number for the conference room, you do so with your FastCall user settings.
  • Softphone: Using the FastCall softphone the application dials the record and you will immediately hear ringing in your browser. In Chrome – the preferred browser for the softphone – you will see a red dot illuminated in the browser tab. Calls will show as connected. The softphone option (headset icon) is great for offices without an existing “hard” phone. With a softphone you use your computer and a headset to make calls. Note: The softphone requires a strong, preferably wired, Internet connection and a quality headset. The softphone typically replaces your phone hardware. When using the softphone you may not edit the browser session if you are outside Salesforce Console. This is the case for all Salesforce Open CTI apps.
  • Caller ID: Once the softphone or a phone for click-to-call is selected, you pick the caller ID under the settings (gear icon.) Clicking to reveal the list. Keep in mind that you may share the same default caller ID with all users on your team. FastCall will remember your choices for phone or caller ID. You may want to control the outgoing caller ID. Example, make calls using your mobile phone and show an office phone as caller ID; or vice versa. This is a nice feature for a home-based or mobile worker. You can also use the caller IDs of different offices (NY, Chicago, San Francisco, London, etc.) These could be your own existing phone numbers or your admin used FastCall to provision new phone numbers and assign them to you.


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