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FastCall call recording: When calls are recorded in FastCall, users will see a notification in the FastCall widget.

FastCall call recording is an awesome training tool

Clients often ask our advice on building their sales team and the best time to use FastCall. Sometimes we hear “let us get our team hired and trained, then we can use FastCall.”

The BEST time to have FastCall is during new hire on ramp. Logging, scoring and recording calls are great tools used to train a new team.

We advise not to train the wrong way to do something, with the intention to add the right tool later. FastCall wants you to give your new hires the best tools on Day 1. Let your users taste success.

FastCall helps with training and allows you to give immediate positive feedback.

  • Call recording indicator in widget can be turned on / off
  • URL with the Mp3 of the recording is set on the Salesforce task
  • Outbound call recording can be blocked by area code (USA only)
  • Inbound call recording has an optional disclosure (recorded or text-to-speech)
  • The recorded calls can easily be deleted

FastCall Call Recording

FastCall Widget Options - Call Recording

FastCall Call Recording Indicator is Optional

FastCall Call Recording Salesforce Task

Reports with Call Recording URL