With Fastcall you can transfer your call or invite another caller to an in-progress call as a participant. The call can be released for a transfer, or the caller can stay on the line for a 3-way conference.

Fastcall uses a 3-way conference call to enable call transfer and listen-in. When using a conference call, the call is set up a bit differently. For one we use hold music, or silence. There is no ringing when using a 3-way conference call..


FastCall Outbound Call Transfer


When a call is transferred the user can introduce the caller for a warm introduction, or just transfer and hang up for a cold transfer. There are three options when transferring a call as you can see in the image above.

  • Fastcall Users: lists all available Fastcall users and transfers the call to the defined inbound call route for that user; just as the user would receive an inbound call.
  • Non-Fastcall users: these are all other Salesforce users. Fastcall will present the phones listed in the Salesforce user record. These users cannot answer on the Fastcall softphone.
  • Groups: will transfer the call to a Fastcall group as defined in the IVR setup. For example, transfer to support.

We give two options for the caller ID presented when a call is transferred. In order to show the caller ID of the originating caller, Twilio needs to enable a setting for you. By default, the caller ID used is the user who transferred the call. Of course, caller ID is dependant on the caller.

FastCall Call Transfer and Listen In


IMPORTANT if you are using Fastcall outside the US you may need to ask Twilio to enable global conferencing on your primary account and the Fastcall connected sub account. See here for details.

Call transfer is an upgraded feature found in the Sales+ Edition of Fastcall.