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Fastcall ACD

ACD stands for Auto Call Distribution. Fastcall supports round robin and simulring. For the Fastcall ACD, a phone number is provisioned and assigned to a Salesforce Group. When setting up a new number you are given three options: User Inbound – a phone for a single user; Group and “Org wide.” Pick Group. Unlike user phones which can overflow or simulring to the same user’s phones (personal phones), the ACD calls many users but each on one phone designated as the ACD phone. User phone is one phone to one user; ACD phone is many phones to many users. The designated receiving phones can be the softphone, office phone or a mobile (Fastcall calls these phones call receivers to differentiate from other types of phones.)

Fastcall uses 1 call receiver per user for the ACD.

Either the user sets her own ACD receiver under her Fastcall users settings; or the admin can set the ACD receiver by accessing the user settings from the user panel.

  1. User1 –> ACD phone1
  2. User2 –> ACD phone1
  3. User3 –> ACD phone1

  Next, the Fastcall ACD uses Salesforce Groups to set distribution. As you may know, Salesforce Groups are groups of Salesforce users. Groups can also include other Groups and can use Salesforce Roles but we cannot use these for the ACD. Users only. Put 5 users in a Group, for example, and those five users are in rotation for an inbound call.     When using the Fastcall application for outbound calls we know your status (available, on a call, offline) and we use this status to route inbound calls. Five users in the ACD Group, four are on a call, the 5th will receive the call.  If all five are available, then we ring round robin. Fastcall also supports simulring (rings all five at once, first to answer gets the call.) You set these options in the ACD Settings subtab under Phone Numbers.   OK. Now let’s get to Task. Salesforce Task that is. Fastcall creates a call for each attempt. Five users in the ACD Group, first 4 miss the call, and the 5th answers. Fastcall creates 5 Tasks: 4 misses, 1 answer.  We also report the ACD position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) ACD setup is easy. Create the Salesforce Group with your ACD users. Provision a phone number and assign it to the ACD Group you created. Make a test call. You can set call recording on or off; and set the ring time between each user. Last important note: When ringing each user in rotation it is important that the user’s office or mobile phone voicemail does not answer the call. This would only happen if you are using an office or mobile phone; and not the Fastcall softphone. If the user’s voicemail grabs the call, the ACD rotation stops.