The Fastcall softphone is a great option that uses your office internet connection to complete and receive phone calls. The Fastcall softphone replaces your office or mobile phone and maintains the entire conversation using your browser (Chrome is best.) Plug a quality, noise canceling headset, like this Jabra, into your USB port and you are ready to get started. No plugins or other software requirements other than Salesforce and a browser!

Softphones use the browser to communicate. It is essential that your browser meet the minimum standards given by Twilio here Be mindful of open tabs in Chrome which will reduce available RAM and degrade call quality. If you have network requirements – particularly with a home user on a residential router – keep in mind that these will be outside the scope of Fastcall support.

You will see that the softphone in the browser will ask for your permission to complete the call. This typically only happens once, but is easy to miss.

access softphone

You will also notice that once a call is in progress in Chrome a small red dot will illuminate when you are connected. If, for whatever reason, the connection was not made, there is no red dot. Try again.

While using the softphone and on a standard SFDC page, you cannot edit the browser session or this will end your call. Only in the softphone and only on a standard page. If you want to edit the record while on a call we suggest Salesforce Sales Console. On a standard Salesforce page you will need to open another tab in Chrome.

Speaking of tabs, see this important post on using the softphone with inbound call routing.

To wrap up.. Ideally your users are on a good wired Internet. Softphone + wifi are not always great together. The computer (MAC or PC) needs to have resources available (RAM etc). If the computer is generally slow and buggy, the call will be too. Last, a wired headset may be better than bluetooth and noise cancelling is best. The softphone requires the latest version of Chrome and the most recent version of Flash. The softphone will not work well in IE or Safari.

FastCall Widget

Note: Fastcall uses a 3-way conference call with call transfer and listen-in. Twilio does not support Global Low Latency in a conference call outside North America by default. You may need to contact Twilio to be sure global conferencing is enabled on your Twilio account. When call transfer or listen-in are enabled, the FastCall softphone may have reduced call quality outside of North America unless this is enabled by Twilio. See here for more info.

Twilio also provides a few tips:

Need to test your Internet  connection? …run a ping test to Wash DC

PS. Of course, these are requirements w all softphones.. not just Twilio.
PPS. If you only want your user to see the softphone, you can remove the other phones (office, mobile) under Outbound Calls / Widget Settings.