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Dial by List (user training)

By default, Fastcall will dial from any Salesforce record: Lead, Contact, Task, Opportunity, etc. Or you can send a message with Fastcall SMS. There are times when you want to dial from a list view, one record after another. Or, you need to send a SMS to a list in Salesforce. Fastcall allows you to select records from a list and dial one after the other, or SMS one message to a list of contacts.

  • Select your contacts
  • Press Dial with Fastcall
  • When dialing, Fastcall keeps the user on a call while each outbound leg is dialed.
  • Fastcall can be used in Sales Console for added productivity.


To enable Dial by list, add the Fastcall custom button to your object list view, for example, your Lead list view. Under the Salesforce setup menu, then the object (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc), look for Search Layouts, then List View. Edit to add the FastCall button. We use the same Salesforce custom button for calls and SMS; the user will see both options. The list is created in a Salesforce View. Once the user selects the records and uses the “Dial with Fastcall” button, we import the records into a Visualforce page. When dialing, the list updates after each call, removing the dialed records. When sending SMS the entire list receives the message.

Fastcall dial by list works with the Fastcall softphone and is available as an add-on.


Fastcall Dial by list and SMS by list are super efficient and convenient. You can set mini goals to dial 10 records in sprints. Filter “last activity date” and these records are removed from your view.

Select your contacts as usual and press Dial with Fastcall. You will see a new screen called MASS DIALER. Here you can select between Starting a Call based on the contacts you have selected or send SMS to those contacts.


When you press Start Call, Is when the process begins. This means that automatically the calls are being dialed based on contacts you selected.

  • End Call button pauses your list
  • Call will end
  • After setting call result, the list will continue
  • You can stop the list at any time