You most likely know that FastCall can be used for inbound call routingand you know about the FastCall softphone. This page describes your options for inbound call routing including using the softphone to answer inbound calls using Salesforce OpenCTI.

If you are using FastCall to route inbound calls, then you will want to customize the Salesforce softphone with your search preferences.

To start, go to the the Salesforce Setup menu, search for Call Center, then Softphone layouts. You may need to create a new layout (name it FastCall.)

Then you need to edit settings under CTI 2.0 (see the image to the right):





  • Screen pop to a new browser tab
  • No matching records pick a setting
  • Single matching record pop a detail page
  • Multiple matching pop a search page

NOTE: When working in the “classic” Salesforce page layout, the detail record for your inbound call will pop in a new browser tab. The call will be logged in the tab where the call was answered. In Salesforce Console this is all managed within Console.

You may need to update your pop-up blocker to allow the tab to open when on a standard Salesforce page layout. This is not required in Salesforce Sales Console.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: You must either use a simulring, overflow or FastCall voicemail to give the inbound a termination point.

FastCall will only ring the softphone and pop the matching record if you are logged into Salesforce and on a page containing the call center file (widget.) For example, if you are reading a report (a page with no FastCall widget) the softphone will not ring in Salesforce. FastCall has a “simulring” option where more than one phone rings at a time. This allows you to ring the softphone and your mobile, for example. You will answer the call in the most convenient phone. Simulring will give you notification outside Salesforce. With simulring, first to answer gets the call.

You will want to use either FastCall voicemail; simulring, overflow phone; and/or be logged into Salesforce to answer the incoming call in the softphone otherwise, the call will have nowhere to go.

FastCall inbound supports one phone number per user. If you want to assign multiple inbound phone numbers see our ACD option (auto call distribution.)

LAST: FastCall does not recommend Firefox for inbound calls using the softphone. Firefox will ask for permission to use your microphone with every inbound call. This is a Firefox restriction, not FastCall. Chrome does not have this issue.

Recent calls in FastCall

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.59.36 PM

Missed call email

 Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.03.31 PM